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How To Fall In Love, Again — With Your Spouse

A successful marriage means falling in love many times, always with the same person. —Mignon McLaughlin Do you view marriage as a destination or a journey?...

Home decor: Aatachi

We’re back with a blog. This time we’re not talking about food-fashion.. this time it’s all about “HOME Living” Every woman wants to decorate her...

Thing to do on International Picnic Day!

Hey! It’s International Picnic Day! Each year it is been celebrated at the 18th of June. It’s a reason to get out of the...

Best Friend’s Day : I’ll be there for you!

  Aah! The word best friend brings a smile to our face. The one person who knows you better than you, who is there to...

8 Things Guys Secretly Love

Whether a guy is just starting to date a woman or is in a committed relationship with her, there are small things that she...

Brothers Day – Quotes and Greetings

It isn’t only all the women who need the pampering; men also deserve to be made felt special on small little occasions. A man...

Adorable Ideas to Pamper Your Mom!

If you are looking for the fun ways to celebrate Mother's Day with your Mom and Family this year, then you can easily do...

Fun First Date Ideas

Going on a first date with someone always stirs up our brains because we need to think of where we’re actually going to go...

5 Things That Will Make You a Cool Dude To Hang...

Gosh… He is just too cool! Hasn’t the need to look cool been a sought after fad since a long time? So many guys...

10 heart breaking classics that portray true love

Classics are so mesmerizing and always important because they have stood the test of time and proved themselves again and again. The complexity and realism...
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