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10 heart breaking classics that portray true love

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Classics are so mesmerizing and always important because they have stood the test of time and proved themselves again and again.

The complexity and realism that they withhold is as realistic as life itself is. This makes them stand out among all other works of art. As we cover each of ten works of art, we shall explain the message it conveys or holds or concludes with that resonates with the idea of true love.

So here are 10 heart breaking classics that portray true love from various forms of art.

  1. Casablanca – The Film: 


This remarkable film shows that true love is sacrifice and believes only in the well-being of the other one. This film displays the moments that come in life when one takes the selfless decision and only does what’s best for the other one.

  1. Gone with the wind – The book & Film:

This brilliant saga portrays the eternal love between a selfish, manipulative girl and a roguish man. In midst of war, poverty and famine, this story shows passing of a love affair through turbulent conditions and then concludes with the realization that one should never give up on hope of true love and also value it.

  1. Shakespeare –  Romeo & Juliet:

Shakespeare’s acclaimed and beloved classic portrays the celebrated love that ends in tragedy just because of a prolonged feud between two families. This helps people realize that for any true love to thrive, it needs a society that is committed to peace and continues to evolve.

  1. Ramayana – The Indian Epic:

    Ramayana - DVD Inlay New
    Ramayana – DVD Inlay New

This massive epic that tells tales of valor, devotion, virtue and dharma leads to the pure love of its two main characters ending in pain and suffering. Yet, even after passing through various torturous situations, their love for each other sustains and only becomes stronger.

  1. Harold & Maude – The Film:

The love between a teenage boy and an old woman (in her 80s) that surpasses identification of love beyond age and looks is surely a portrayal of true love.

  1. Adam & Eve in The Bible:

For two people that represent the very basis of evolution, who pass through several decades of hardships and losses, their undying commitment to each other surely proves that true love can exist irrespective of any adversity.

  1. Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen:

Read the book or watch the film and you shall see the unexpected love between Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy. This story shows how amongst poverty, terrible misunderstandings and shyness, true love can still emerge out.

  1. The last of the Mohicans – Book & Film:
    LastOfMohicans Front

J.F Cooper’s timeless adventure story has this quote – ‘Stay alive. No matter how long it takes, no matter how far, I will find you’.

This captivating story is basically a love story that shows the intensity of attraction for true love in its protagonist and thus speaks of one of the biggest thing that sustains true love – The resolution.

  1. Titanic by James Cameron – The film:

How can this one not be mentioned? Although relatively new as it is a movie made in 90s, it still became a personal favorite of so many since then. This film is an emotionally intense involving experience that presents the story of love that lives even beyond death.

  1. The notebook by Nicholas Sparks – Film & Book:

This is one amazing work of art that goes on to show how various elements like people, society and fate may deny the possibility of true love and yet it exists by itself. The genuine and pure nature of true love is so heart fully presented in this story that one truly begins to value it.

All the stories that stand worthy of praise centrally convey the simple fact that true love is genuine and pure. And with something that is so genuine or pure, there is no power that can make it go away.


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