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3 Tips to Help Empower the Resolve to Follow Your Passion

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Do you have a passion in life? Do you feel you are serious about it? Do you keep losing your focus while following your passion? If yes, then there is no need to worry. Why? Well, because you aren’t alone and you can make your situation better. Read on to know how.

Before I begin, I would like to quote Professor Charles Xavier from the movie X-Men – Days of the future past. It goes like this:

“Just because someone stumbles and loses their path, doesn’t mean they’re lost forever.”

Now read on to know some tips that I have attempted to collect after several discussions with different people.

  1. Vision-Value Conflict:

Each of us values something like family, friendship, relation, money etc. We also have some vision we commit to at times. But, when our values do not agree with our vision, things start to fall apart. How? Let me explain with few examples.

A teenage boy has vision to keep scoring higher. Boy breaks up with his girlfriend and things change. He may begin to value his misery which might replace his previous values like fitness with overeating, studying with being depressed etc.

Another example, a graduate values money but chooses a government job. Although the government job might offer security, his main value which is money would remain unfulfilled. Now that will shatter his vision. So, what’s advised is to keep realizing your vision and keep assessing what you value so that you know if they are in agreement? If they are not, modify your vision or reassess your values.

  1. Addressing the problem:

An Honest look into yourself will reveal what is lacking from within you. This could be some neglect or diversion or temptation that has caused you to stumble. Just note everything that makes you feel like procrastinating or diverting and try to ask yourself two questions:

  • What would your life turn out to be if you keep giving importance to these elements?
  • What will be the worst that could happen if I decide to do what is necessary just this once?

If these two questions lead you a step further, repeat the same process and you may be back on the horse in no time.

  1. Checking the Ego element:

A lot of times, a lot of people follow something simply due to reasons that have roots in our ego. Like ‘just because my friends have chosen a career in Information Technology, so must I’. Another one could be, ‘just because I did my graduation in Engineering, I must do my masters in that too and not in management’. Thoughts like these are totally foolish beliefs and need to be resolved using common sense and logic.

So to sum up, a lot of times, ones aims in life are threatened by their own ego or outside force (like some temptation, diversion etc.) or because of disagreement between the vision and values. A regular check on these three factors shall surely help anyone to stay focused and keep following their passion with confidence.

Thank you for reading and wish you all the best.


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