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5 Ways to Tap Into Your Subdued Manliness

5 Ways to Tap Into Your Subdued Manliness

Have situations begun to move you too much emotionally? Have you lost touch with your stay in control feel? Do you experience mood swings? If yes, I would suggest you to tap into the idea of manliness. Now, before I begin, I really would like to declare that I have utmost respect for woman and this article in no way is supposed to any idea of male chauvinism.

Now that I have cleared that up, I would first like to clear up what I mean with the idea of manliness. Since centuries, women have been caretakers and men have been hunters or gatherers. This very idea with which the society has evolved has led to being sensitive or showing sympathy attached to being womanly, while being brave and in control attached to being manly. The truth however is much deeper and different. Biologically, our mind is designed with two responses to any threat, fight or flight. This means that when any threat comes up, we are all designed to either challenge it (fight) or run away (flight) from it. The flight mechanism helps us in being safe and preserving selves, while the fight mechanism helps us grow by accepting challenges we think we can handle. Had it not been both of these mechanisms, humans would not have evolved as much. So, when we speak of manliness, it is more in connection with the idea of choosing to stand to challenges. Now, enough with the biology lesson, let me just cite the points that can help anyone to get more in touch with the manliness inside of you.

  1. Any Physical Activity:

Even if you have a very busy schedule, a short time dedicated to any activity like walking, cycling, dance or running can help you feel more relaxed, refreshed and energetic. This little time that one spends in aerobic workout stays with you for the entire day. Also, such activities let in some oxygen to your system that makes one feel happy, cheerful and relaxed. It helps one think better, think fast and think right. This adds to the foremost characteristic of being manly, which is being confident.

  1. Strength exercises:

Our ancestors used to do a lot of workout and had many tasks in a day that involved some weight lifting. Activities like carrying, pulling or lifting used to be in almost everyone’s routine and therefore they used to live a relatively more healthy and happy life. Why? There are certain chemicals like norepinephrine and dopamine in brain that help keep the feel of confidence, happiness and balance in us. A short workout of weight lifting (for women too) can help one feel more in control of themselves and mentally strong. The body doesn’t even ask too much. Even once a week workout with weights or strength exercises will help.

  1. Water & Right Diet:

Like oxygen, water is the most essential resource we have on earth. Not only does water help hydrate the system, it adds to a sense of well-being and helps us think better, judge better. Each cell in our body needs water. It is associated with almost all systems of body and every organ. So a habit of drinking enough water helps one stay healthy. Additionally, a splash of water on face also helps feel stress free. So just before a big meeting, it can help you feel refreshed and happy.

Now with diet, a good diet supplies with essential nutrients and assures an overall state of well-being. A disciplined diet also makes the mind feel psychologically in control, thus adding to the manliness factor.

  1. Feeling Centered:

One big characteristic of manliness is a feel of being centered, grounded and thus in control. The brain’s medulla oblongata helps most in retaining that feel. The best exercises to have that sense of balance strengthened are therefore Yoga asanas, pilates, any dance or calisthenics and above all, meditation.

  1. Any Mental Workout:

Any form of mental work like solving puzzles or crosswords, reading, learning a new language or training to learn a new skill will involve the mind and that will help one stay agile, alert and confident. Such activities add to the one unseen aspect of manliness, being smart and outwardly. Besides that, it also adds to the confidence to be more social and outgoing.

To sum up, Manliness is more so getting in touch with your inner confidence, physical strength and in control of emotions. So a simple alteration in routine by incorporating a set of exercises and being disciplined about diet along with some light mental workout can help anyone feel more in control, more confident and hence manlier.


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