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Monsoon Fashion

Monsoon in the typical Bollywood movies appear to be very romantic but in reality, this weather really sucks as it leaves you in a dilemma of choosing an appropriate yet comfortable and yet stylish outfit for the weather.  So here’s Beattractive at your service! We are here with some amazing styling tips for the monsoon that would definitely help you dress attractively even during these shabby months.

One of those first things you are required to do is to pack away all those translucent and light dresses, white pants and trousers, long skirts and Maxi’s and every outfit that is prone to run colour when they get wet. Avoid wearing heavy fabric dresses or even jeans as they take a longer time to dry and may even smell foul as they are so not good at absorbing sweat during humid days. If you’re going for fabrics like cotton or Lycra DO NOT forget to deodorize more than the normal days. Avoid wearing linen shirts and tops as they often get creases when worn during wet days.

Humid weather is going to play a villain by ruining your perfect hairstyle and makeup. So stick to a simple ponytail or a bun for long hairs to get an elegant look. Use waterproof makeup but try not to make it look cakey for this you can use a BB cream instead of heavy foundation. Use waterproof eyeliners and pencils and you’re all set to go!

For formal occasions :

Go for a simple and smart dressing. Instead of wearing long trousers and formal ankle length pants, go for some formal knee- length pencil skirts. Once again try to avoid white bottom wears as they might look very bad if they get stained. Try going for a darker shade that makes the stains look lesser visible. Totally avoid the leather boots and bags as they would get spoilt because of the humidity.

For Casual days:

We all know florals never go out of fashion. In fact, florals add up to your beauty in this weather. You can go for floral shorts teamed up with casual loose tops and cute flip-flops and a fluorescent handbag followed by a little makeup and you’re done. You can also go for playsuits teamed up with stylish shrugs and simple flip-flops or bright colored footwears and you’re done.

Make sure you don’t over accessorize or get a heavy makeup because florals are sufficient themselves to give you that happy monsoon look. Lastly,  Instead of dark colors go for bright and happy hues or fresh prints that make you outshine this gloomy weather.

So, for now, we really hope you’re perfectly ready with your attractive monsoon look. After all, all that we want is to make you look attractive, feel attractive and BE ATTRACTIVE.

Written By: Srishtie rai
Image Source: Google Images




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