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Embracing Sustainability: Pari Sagar


In the bustling world of contemporary art, there exists a realm where creativity intertwines with sustainability, and expression meets responsibility. Pari Sagar, an artist known for her captivating works that transcend boundaries, has been on a remarkable journey advocating for sustainable art practices. From participating in prestigious events like the 10th-year edition of World Art Dubai to showcasing her commitment to sustainability through her choice of materials, Pari Sagar stands as a beacon of innovation and conscientiousness in the art world.

At World Art Dubai, held from May 2nd to May 5th, Pari Sagar brought her vision to life, showcasing her latest creation that not only captivated the audience but also sparked conversations about the importance of sustainable art. One of the highlights of her exhibit was a display featuring the paintbrushes she has used from 2015 until now, symbolizing her dedication to minimizing waste and promoting longevity in her artistic practice.

Pari Sagar’s journey towards sustainability began with a realization—a realization of the immense impact art can have on the environment and a determination to create change. She embarked on a quest to find eco-friendly alternatives to traditional art materials, exploring sustainable pigments, recycled canvases, and environmentally friendly paintbrushes. What emerged from this journey was not just a collection of artworks but a testament to the power of art to inspire change.

Reflecting on the past, Pari Sagar utilizes recycled brushes and colors to create sustainable art, weaving history into vibrant masterpieces. Her artwork titled “Sun Burst” embodies this ethos, showcasing her dedication to sustainability while creating captivating pieces that evoke a sense of history and renewal.

Pari Sagar, an esteemed Indian intuitive artist, author, and motivational speaker, was honored with a Cultural Golden Visa from the UAE for her remarkable artistic contributions in Dubai over two decades. Her commitment to creative freedom is evident in solo exhibitions such as “Circle of Life” (2021) and “Enlightened Vision” (2018), showcased globally from Mumbai to the United States. Pari Sagar’s latest endeavor at World Art Dubai highlights her innovative sustainable creative process, serving as an inspiration to artists and art enthusiasts alike.

Sustainable Art  showcased at World Art Dubai represent more than just tools of creation; they embody a commitment to sustainability and a journey of growth. Each brush tells a story—a story of countless strokes, of emotions captured on canvas, and of a conscious decision to choose sustainability at every step of the artistic process. From the early days of experimentation to the present, Pari Sagar’s brushes have been witness to her evolution as an artist and an advocate for the planet.

As visitors explored Pari Sagar’s exhibit at World Art Dubai, they were invited to ponder the significance of sustainable art and the role artists play in shaping a more eco-conscious future. Through interactive discussions and engaging displays, Pari Sagar shared her insights into sustainable art practices, encouraging others to join her in embracing environmentally friendly alternatives and minimizing their ecological footprint.

Pari Sagar’s journey through World Art Dubai showcased at funun arts stand serves as a testament to the transformative power of art and the importance of sustainability in the creative process. By incorporating recycled materials and promoting eco-friendly practices, she is not only creating beautiful artworks but also contributing to a more sustainable future for the art world and beyond. As we reflect on her journey, we are reminded of the profound impact that art can have when combined with a commitment to environmental stewardship.


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