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Discovering What, How, & Why Prajakta Babde is more into career in IPS.


This is a story of a rural girl child and her father, who believes in the dream that a good career is a win-win for her as well as the society as a whole! It is Prajakta Babde, a 15-year-old soul, living in rural underprivileged areas of Amboli a small village near Pune, Maharashtra India. Amboli is a remote small town in Maharashtra, India
barely having updated educational infrastructure, basic learning facilities and merger support from state facilities for education.


Prajakta is an epic dreamer despite being born in such a situation. She was raised with the community sentiment that education cannot be a part of her life. It is a widely known fact now that at the age when education is one’s fundamental right, they are bounded to household chores from an early age.


Despite the drawbacks faced, she said, “I have lots of things to prove to myself.” Her dream is to become an IPS officer, a respectable government official who serves for the betterment of society and culture.


Well begun is half done, similar is the case with Prajakta, as her family supports her education and is passionate about her dream as well. When she got to know that her family is proud to envision her as an upcoming IPS Officer, it was an impetus for her to work harder. It also makes her foresighted to go through the challenging process of appearing in Indian civil Serves examination and UPSC.


When she asked his father to advise her and guide her how she can walk this path, her father said, “The very first step is health. Start exercising, start meditating and stay fit, this will boost your confidence and make you conquer the world with being patient.”


For her dream, we collaborated with Bright Her Tomorrow Foundation and empowered her and family with the financial and emotional support equally. Currently, we’ve selected 13 girls. The headmost was given with the orientation program, inviting 10 professionals from different fields. They shared about their experiences and motivated the girls on their journey.


This agenda of empowering girl students with quality education also involves weekly
trainings, assignments and educational trips.


With a vision as bright as her the state run facilities available near her are extremely meager, and resource constraint is a factor which makes her journey two folds compared to a regular student aiming IPS. Not even the facilities but basic education assets including the school support, books, availability of digital connectivity for
progress and a suitable environment to continue expensive education in these challenging times. The worth chasing dream also has highs and lows.It is obvious that in the highs one is focused on the goal but when the low hits, everything seems contradictory.


Like her many students from such rural area aim higher and understand the importance of education and learning. However, are obstructed mid way in completing the basic schooling because of lack of financial resources, inadequate support of school resources, unavailability of books and basic educational facilities. Here’s when Traceable Giving Foundation (TGF) emanates. Reviewing such catches, TGF comes forth with its procedures. Established in 2018, with a small initiative of supplying books to such underprivileged schools in rural India, TGF has come a long way with many standard projects for enriching the school infrastructure and educational opportunities for such kids.


The “Books For Change” project was initiated, which provides a full set of syllabus-based books to Grade 9 and 10 students in Maharashtra’s most destitute and underprivileged villages. The schools, TGF targets are all community schools, small sized with 20-100 students in total, and where teacher wages are paid by the government, but all student’s resources are paid by the students themselves.

This resolution builds a strong solution for Prajakta. It Traced Her Life and made her jump the hurdle of gathering the high school education so that she can further proceed with preparation for her role ahead to become an IPS officer someday. With 12 other girl students, Prajakta is also selected for a campaign which supports her financially till she achieves her dream. Her classes, online assignments have started. Every weekend they have a zoom meeting and their progress and improvements are discussed.


Bringing you more stories from TGF schools every month, with a resolution to reach masses. So that we can understand and stand tall with our future generations to their right to literacy and creating a better world ahead.
As it is said, “Be a positive impact on the lives of others”, TGF is constantly working on it and covering Prajakta’s dream in its positivity. Envisioning identification and lending of all possible support to special dreamers, so that they hit their target well, and spread enlightenment ahead with their super powers!

And the rise starts from here.


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