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Funun Arts Group and SNF Development Centre Celebrate Special Talents in First-of-its-Kind Art Competition


Dubai, UAE -Funun Arts Group, in collaboration with SNF Development Centre, proudly hosted a groundbreaking art competition showcasing the remarkable talents of special needs students. This event, held in celebration of the 17th anniversary of SNF Development Centre, exemplifies the power of art to transcend boundaries and foster inclusivity within our community.


SNF Development Centre stands as a beacon of support and empowerment for young adults with special needs above the age of 14, providing holistic training to promote professional and personal independence. With 17 years of dedicated service in Dubai, SNF Development Centre has become a cornerstone in nurturing the potential of individuals with special needs.

Funun Arts Group, founded in 2016 by Shiba Khan and Farah Khan, serves as a vibrant community hub for artists, designers, photographers, and imaginative individuals to explore their creative potential. The art competition organized by Funun Arts Group and SNF Development Centre provided a platform for special needs students from across Dubai to express themselves through art, showcasing their incredible talents and unique perspectives.

The event welcomed Mrs. Farida Ajmal as the guest of honor, whose unwavering support towards empowering individuals with special needs was instrumental in making the competition a success.

The judging panel, comprised of Mr. Ahmed Al Awadhi, Mrs. Leena Kewlani, Dr. Poonam Chauhan, and Mrs. Shiba Khan, brought their expertise to evaluate the remarkable artworks of the talented students. With 50 enthusiastic participants from various schools across the UAE, the competition was a testament to the passion and creativity of these individuals.

The success of the event was made possible through the generous support of sponsors including Mr. Vipin Das, Apparel Group, Skribl Box, Five Palm Hotel, Buhumaid Group, Al Jazira Poultry Farm LLC, Taj Jumeirah Lake Towers, Mint Event Furniture Rentals, Puzzle Factory, Prince AV, ISRA Middle East, and Almarai Emirates LLC.

“It has truly been an inspirational experience witnessing the unique perspectives that each participant brings to the canvas,” said Mrs. Shiba Khan, founder and director, Funun Arts group.

“This event is a celebration of inclusivity, where all individuals with special needs have beautifully expressed their thoughts through art,” added Mrs. Safia Bari, founder and director of SNF Development Centre.

Funun Arts Group loves collaborating with the students of SNF Determination. Recently, 10 artists joined hands with the students of SNF Development Centre to create a mural painting project. This 10 meters long mural project serves as a powerful symbol of collaboration, creativity, and the limitless possibilities that arise when individuals come together to share their passions and talents. Funun Arts Group looks forward to continuing these collaborations with SNF Determination, as they believe in the transformative power of art to bring people together and create positive change in the world.

Participating artists in the mural were: Shiba Khan, Dr. Poonam Chauhan, Susmitha Dhruva, Kadambini Choubey, Anubha Kaw, Debra S. Mascarenhas, Mankush Srivastava, Minal Sinha Srivastava, Nishchala Dhruva and Veena Devagir

Together, Funun Arts Group and SNF Development Centre continue to create a more inclusive and supportive community for individuals with special needs, celebrating their talents and contributions to the world of art.

About Funun Arts Group:

Funun Arts Group is a vibrant community dedicated to fostering creativity and collaboration among artists, designers, photographers, and imaginative individuals. Established in 2016, Funun Arts Group provides valuable opportunities for artists to showcase their talents and explore their creative potential.

About SNF Development Centre:

SNF Development Centre is a leading institution providing holistic training and support for young adults with special needs in Dubai. With 17 years of dedicated service, SNF Development Centre empowers individuals with special needs to achieve professional and personal independence.


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