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Thing to do on International Picnic Day!


Hey! It’s International Picnic Day! Each year it is been celebrated at the 18th of June. It’s a reason to get out of the house and celebrate summer with friends and family. It is a day where you can go outdoors and have fun activities, play and eat a delicious meal together.

Picnic was a great deal in the past. It is said that, the origin of picnic day is unknown, but it can be traced back to French Revolution and Victorian Era. Then, they had lavish food served and it was the informal way to meet people, especially for young men and women.

  • Places to visit and spread your picnic blankets
  • Camp de Mars, Paris, France

  • The Dandenongs, Victoria, Australia
  • Central Park, New York, USA

  • Villa Borgheseg Gardens, Rome, Italy


  • Activities to do


Play hide and seek, Frisbee, Treasure Hunt


Play a board game


Sing songs


  • Food to carry in your baskets






Sweet corns







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