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Once upon a time in Amsterdam!

Once upon a time in Amsterdam!

The world and the world is an extremely beautiful place, and the more we understand about it the more beautiful does it appear

-Richard Dawkins

The world as we know it is a place we are born in. We grow up, start reading and learning, become adults, start working and gradually pave our way of life. Through the years, we realize that he world has both: good and bad, black and colour, ugliness and beauty. Over the course of our livelihood, we discover the places to be where our heart, mind and body can go on a trip to relax and have fun. We, being constantly sucked into mundane everyday tasks, yearn for such trips to places where all the commotion will stay still and can get to find our own moments of peaceful joy.

The world when seen from a traveller’s eye seems to be a canvas, where each and every corner has been painted in different colours with vibrant variations across the lands of the globe. The wanderlust inside the hearts of all men seeks these colours and urges the unawares to get lost in them from time to time. Several places boast about their inherent beauty. But sitting in the European lap is a city which sings a song of its own, Amsterdam. Known for being the capital of Kingdom Of Netherlands, it is one of the most popular spots for tourists. So, what is it that steals their hearts away? Let us have a look.

  • Cafes and Bars:

Be it the brown cafes, with brown and cosy decor serving coffee or the drink and dine night bars offering you a summer cocktail, you will be surrounded by an aroma of Dutch culture everywhere, thanks to the brewing and distilling legacy of the city (Dutch beer is a reality here, folks!). Lots of microbreweries and tasting rooms adorn the streets of Amsterdam. You will find from the chic-fashioned to the hipster cocktail hotspots which can make it worth your while. To top it all, terrace bar on the canal side can prove to be the cherry on cake for some. The coffee lovers can witness an artsy indulgence they love for there are some serious bean rosters in the city ready to brew a hot and exquisite cuppa.

  • Tell-tale Museums and Art Galleries:

Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum and Stedelijk Museum are no doubt the famous ones in the city but there are a few others which can appeal to a curious eye. Rembrandt house is another popular stop for those who want a taste of the golden age Dutch artist by the same name. Amsterdam has been home to the story of the Jewish history maker Anne Frank, the Anne Frank house bears witness to her and her family’s days of captivity. The NEMO Science museum can steal a few glances from the inquisitive science students while Foam is for the photography aficionados.

  • A trip to the past:

A number of castles reside within the confines of this ancient city, holding within its halls lore of the people who lived many years ago. A history enthusiast or a story buff can find solace in the tales woven within the castles of Muiden, Ouderkerk aan de Amstel, Breukelen, Weesp and Naarden. The gardens are an ethereal beauty. . A few strolls through them and you will be in high spirits in no time! De Haar claims to be one of the poshest castles in Netherlands.

  • Culinary Pleasures:

No trip to Amsterdam is complete without a tasting of the world famous cheese. Cheese is one of the marking features of Dutch culture and Amsterdam leaves no room for disappointment in its cheese-y ventures! Vyn, GlouGlou and De Klepel are fine wine and cheese spots for the hungry. Dutch cuisine can be tried and if good enough for your tatse buds, can be enjoyed at The Pantry, Stampotje, Café Restaurant Amsterdam, Bistro Bij Ons, Hap-Hmm etc. A place called Wilde Kroketten is known for serving exotic variations of croquettes (croquette lovers, what do ya think?).

To sum it up, Amsterdam is a place for the story-seekers, the wanderers, the foodies and the artists of the world. It offers us a window into a culture of music, art, food and rich history which can be visited (and re-visited!) with loved ones when taking a break from the usual routine lifestyle of our homes. And hands down, it is worth your time and money for good.


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