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Sixty Nine, what word comes to your mind when you think of 69? A number? A sex position? Karma? Infinity? Yes then you are eligible to go through the article.

“Karma . What you give or do comes back to you “That’s true and that’s why 69 is a numerical presentation of karma.

Let me tell you some facts about 69, 69 is a sex position, is a lucky number in Chinese rapport, 69 is known as Karma fact and 69 is luckiest number for Laughing Buddha. Isn’t it shocking? Yes, It is just a number when you cusp them it generates a lot of energy. It’s amazing, isn’t it?

Sex is something which is pure, spiritual and the best exercise according to the facts. But besides facts we are not educated that 69 position generates more energy and pleasure simultaneously for both the partners. Wow!!! That’s awesome! And that’s reason most of the couples who originally comes through or practice 69 have a good bonding and have more time together then other couples. 69 is the most intense sex work out of all the sex positions. It also burns a lot of calories if you burn more than 250 calories and more. While practicing this position, the body releases more hormones which are known as seductive juices flows more. There’s one more benefit of trying this position is that the body muscles tend to get flexible while performing this posting. According to Kamasutra which is the oldest and purest form of sex, 69 has a deep benefit in fixing all the relationship problems cause this position is known to be the most co-ordinated positions of all the sex positions.

69 is a number when cusp generates the sign of karma and infinity. Infinity is never defined that’s the reason we have a symbol for that and when you bring 69 together and turn to the right it will give you the symbol of infinity.

How amazing it is that a number has alot facts and uses in the real which no number can generate. That’s the reason 69 is known as the energy creator out of all the numbers.

-Rahul Jain


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