Home Entertainment 5 Times Hollywood Took us Into The World of Wonder & Awe

5 Times Hollywood Took us Into The World of Wonder & Awe

5 Times Hollywood Took us Into The World of Wonder & Awe

Cinema is often said to be the image of the society. True enough, the film industry is an aboriginal creation of the socio-economic circumstances of mankind. It takes inspiration from the real life, molds it into a finer act and gives back a tribute to the benevolence of the world.

Photography is the truth. The Cinema is truth twenty four times per second. -Jean Luc Godard

However, the movie business has not remained untouched by the high impact effects of time. It has cultivated in the film world, a diverse and incessant production of ideas and opinions. Sometimes a bold move, at other times a sly effort to bring forth the central theme. Often the movie business feeds on the dreams of people, telling them that their dreams can come true. Some of the movies who have made an impression in this category are:

  • Harry Potter Movie Series (2001-2011)

No praise is needed for this one. Hands down, this is one of those films which created a world of their own in such a marvellously elegant way around the viewers that people long for a wisp of something remotely close to these movies at every corner. Based on an equally famous novel series by J.K. Rowling, the motion pictures series presents a strong case of contending against the million books sold as best seller by the author for the movie fandom has been on cloud too. It puts to rest an infamous belief (and for good!) that books are better than the movies.


  • The Chronicles of Narnia (2005-2010)

A series coming quite close to making a mark in the fantasy cinema was The Narnian adventure. Fostering the ever-enticing idea of four kids making it into a dream world unknown to the real world but still proves to be real as it can be gripping the imaginative mind. It ends up turning into a treat for the wishful dreamers. Any takers for a throwback re-visit to the Narnian cupboard and the realm of The Great Aslan?


  • Avatar (2009)

Another mind-boggling cinematic venture was the science fiction-cum-fantasy mix of Avatar, which was released in the year 2009. It is made in a time where the human beings have had enough of the depleted Earth and set up camp on another planet called Pandora, inhabited by the aboriginals, the Na’vi people who are worshippers of their planet and its natural abundance. A triple Oscar winner, it proved to be worth more than a million by the acclaimed director, James Cameron (Yeah, the one who made the Titanic!).  The special effects and the cinematography in the film were brilliant making it an absolute art work as well an impressive box office success worldwide.


  • Clash Of Titans (2010)

Again a Sam Worthington starrer, Clash of Titans comes from the very interesting context of Greek mythology. The war of the too powerful gods and a half human half god stuck in that power tussle, sneered upon by the gods and humans alike shows courage and teaches lessons not only to fellow men but even the gods. The cinematographer has tried hard to bring realism on the silver screens which is worth the money, if cast aside a few lowly animations in the movie. Apart from this, it is a good watch, one you would w


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