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Ways to love your job even if you hate it

Ways to love your job even if you hate it

You don’t always land up in a job which you love, but to survive and to pay those bills, you need to work; whether or not you love your job. Until you are offered your dream job, you will remain stuck up with the job you don’t like, or much to my dismay, hate. Well, here are some life hacks to be able to enjoy and love the job you do even when you actually dread going to work.

#1 This IS NOT IT!
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Well, you need to know this. The current job or your hatred or the low phase isn’t a permanent thing and it will pass away with time. Whether or not you like it, the fact is you will have to deal with it. So why not rather comfort yourself with good things rather than getting all depressed about the bad?

#2 While not working, do what you love
Since you aren’t very much in favor of what you are currently doing, you obviously don’t belong to here? So, while you are free and not working, invest  your time into things you’d rather enjoy and of course, the things that are your passion

#3 A change of department?

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If changing the job all together is quite a task at this point of time, you could may be have yourself shifted to a department you would be more declined towards? Something you would enjoy, at least better than the current one?

#4 Maintain healthy relationship with co-workers and boss

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It is advisable to not shun away all your hatred towards the job on your co-workers or to spoil your relation with your boss, even if you have plans of leaving the job. After all the hard work and struggles you put in into those days, you don’t want to jeopardize that of course.

#5 Take short breaks now and then

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Since you aren’t a huge fan of what you are doing right now, you might as well want to take breaks in between and have a stroll around or have a cup of coffee or just relax. It helps!

#6 Remember, not everyone has a job.

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Love it or hate, the fact us that many don’t even manage to get the job you are doing right now, and for some your job could be their dream job. So, you better be thankful with the one you have and of course try to get a better one still.


And now you know it? So the next time you leave for office, you know what exactly should your mindset be and how exactly should you be behaving! All the best with that!



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