Home ART “Inner Planet”. Daria Russkikh’s artistic narrative shines at “World Art Dubai”

“Inner Planet”. Daria Russkikh’s artistic narrative shines at “World Art Dubai”


By combining classical art patterns with the realms of digital art, Daria Russkikh’s paintings and artworks, which are rich in content and variety, and are inspired by reality and formulated with abstract painting tools and symbols of philosophical dimensions, create an interesting dialogue with the recipient. A dialogue that takes him to aesthetic contemplative spaces full of knowledge and love.

The features of such highly creative visions are at the heart of Daria’s work and artistic project “Inner planet” in her pavilion LA02 at “World Art Dubai 2023” exhibition that took place at the Dubai World Trade Centre (March 9-12). The project consisted of 9 artworks that employed digital art techniques and augmented reality. By utilizing these two gems, the artist formulated a subtle aesthetic discourse full of ideas, concepts and knowledge acquired, in attractive artistic forms interspersed with a combination of colours and their symbolic connotations.

However, this is not the end of the story.  Her creative Panorama acquires glowing inventive spaces as the artist employs Artificial Intelligence in her work. Placing her work in poignant contexts, Daria’s paintings recount the minute details of her feelings, while colours and formations rich in symbolism bloom and shine through spaces and creative extensions, in her unique and distinctive Phygital Art (mixing “physical & digital” worlds) creative approach, that combines, with harmony, the aesthetics of abstraction, reality, digital art and augmented reality, to convey the her beautiful creative spirit. Thus, her work illuminates for us the importance of having values of love, goodness, beauty and happiness and the entrenchment of these values in our lives, in parallel with friendship, rapprochement, intimacy and purity of soul.

In general, “Inner Planet” represents Daria Russkikh’s artistic narrative. The project is full of symbols and concepts that recount our deep feelings and the realms of inner human beauty, urging brotherhood, rapprochement and harmony. Each work within the project appears like an interesting journey into intellectual, psychological, spiritual and contemplative worlds.

The Approach

Daria Russkikh expressed pleasure to participate in the global exhibition in Dubai that brings together artists from all over the world, saying that the exhibition offered a significant opportunity for creative people from different cultures to meet and exchange experiences.

“The exhibition was a transparent creative image of Dubai’s approach, and the city’s constant perseverance to promote new ways and opportunities for convergence, dialogue between civilizations, and integration of creativity”, she added “in order to achieve the global cohesion of humanity and to perpetuate the values of goodness, beauty and cooperation”.

“In this regard, I would like to record my great admiration for the city of Dubai”, she said “Dubai had succeeded in making creativity a pillar and a springboard for bringing nations and peoples closer together and strengthening the bonds of openness, harmony and human intimacy.

Daria Russkikh explained that this is the third time she had participated in an exhibition in the city. She resides in Sochi, but is keen to come to Dubai to announce her new creations, and to participate in events and to learn about everything new in the field of artistic creativity.

Creative Worlds

Regarding the nature of her artistic style, the artist indicated that she is mostly attached to the treasures of Symbolism that vibrates within the Abstract Art. By utilizing this approach, she knits and embodies the threads of ideas and stories in the painting, in creative configurations and exquisite contexts, showing a mastery in colour techniques and the usage of augmented reality technology. The work is given an additional spirit that conveys our deepest human feelings to connect with the audience


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