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This Is How You Get the Job With Just One Interview


There are several life circumstances that strike irrational fear in most of us, but there’s one that’s universal: the job interview. And we have to agree that the internal terror you feel is totally justified. We get it: Interviews can be majorly intimidating. Whether you’re a confident person or not, walking into that important meeting can induce cottonmouth, sweaty palms, and serious nausea—sometimes all at once.

So how do you calm your nerves, summon up the courage you need, and perfect your poise on the big day? From all the stories we’ve written on the topic, we can tell you that research is one key to success. Other big ones: Understand your interviewer, study common questions (and prepare your own), look up confidence-building tips, and know your career story. With that in mind, we compiled a quick reference guide to help you nail your next interview and land that dream job. 


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