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10 beauty products you need when you are on a holiday

10 beauty products you need when you are on a holiday

Checklists keep piling up when we are preparing for a holiday. While flights require you to limit the products you are taking within 100ml. Whether you’re heading out for a long weekend or couple of weeks away, there’s no need to say bon voyage to looking your best. Travel light and still feel like you have all your makeup and hair needs on hand with this jet-setter’s checklist of what to stow when you’re on the go for hassle-free travel!

1.Ear-plugs, tooth kit and eye-mask

On international select flights you do find these kits, but should we take a chance? We know in public holiday situations these things come in handy. Anything like a reading light or a crying baby should not ruin your vacation. Better safe than sorry!

2.Nasal spray and pain-killers

The one thing that has made me thank my instincts is carrying my pills with me. Anything happens- emergency? Painkillers to the rescue! Also, airplanes can give us a headache with the air con and our painkillers significantly reduce our chances of developing bugs. Most people cannot adjust to changing temperatures and cold is a common problem. Stay sorted!

3.Face wash and deodorant

The first thing you do when you wake up from, say, a nice beach holiday is maybe de-tan your face- clean it for the least and maybe you feel disgusted with the constant beach to smell the sea blesses you with- you know the quick-fix!

4.Sun cream

IS THERE ANY NEED TO SPEAK ABOUT THIS? Even if you plan on getting just one thing to your vacation- let it be this. Health and beauty take a huge stand with sun creams today. They come with SPF and whitening ingredients, this is one highly recommended product.

5.After sun, body lotion, body oils

I know I may be crossing the line with so many products right now but essentials are essentials. All these products provide you with the necessary moisture your skin desperately needs on any holiday. The plus points include the minimal effort that goes into applying these things- apply before sleep and soak in the best!

6.Make-up essentials-

Make-up is secondary for most but our skin tends to look a lot healthier and sun-kissed with just a little bit of foundation and cover-ups. The dark spots are done to death with- a little concealer, tinted moisturizer and highlighter and you are sorted. Pack the basics- mascara, brow pencil and a tinted lip balm! You don’t want anyone with bad eyebrows tell you about life and you definitely don’t one to be the one with bad eyebrows!

7.Dry shampoo

Let’s be honest here, there’s really not enough time to shampoo your hair regularly when you’re vacating and dry shampoo works like gangbusters on yesterdays grease. Had a beach day and have a party at night? Dry shampoo to the rescue!



8.Lip Balm

Keep your lips nourished, hydrated and supple all day long! You don’t want to risk this, trust me.



Let your location inspire you. Going to the beach? Pack coral and bronze makeup shades and a light, tropical fragrance. Off to Paris? Red lips and some Chanel No. 5. New York-bound? Experiment with anything and everything- Dramatic eyes,  nude lipsticks as long as you’re not making a make-up faux pas!


10.Foot Spray

Long walks on the sand or treks on the hills can leave our feet tired and aching. Does that mean you don’t venture out? Of course not. Their blend of pure and natural oils of Valeriana, tangerine, and Clary Sage rejuvenates your muscles and makes you active and energetic.


With these little hacks, it becomes absolutely easy to maintain a nice lifestyle on a vacation. Over everything else, your skin is glowing- it is safe and cared for and you can absolutely enjoy the breeze, the sun, the cold and have the time of your life!


nShaile Basu


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