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Stress busters for a Healthy Life


A very busy lifestyle of the Indians due to changing trends has led to a lot of stress. Life can be harsh throwing things at you that you seem to cant handle. Managing to stay intact and that too with some dignity poses a real challenge nowadays.

So, here we are providing you with some tips for relieving your stress and enjoying life.

1.Get up a little early than you are used to.

For those who are deep sleepers, getting up early in the morning can be quite a chore. But trust me waking up early in the morning and going for a walk is a real stress buster. It is an awesome technique to indulge in some me – time.

2.Play some sport.

I know most of you just rolling your eyes thinking here we don’t even have enough time to sleep and she wants us to play the sport. There is a no stress buster as good as playing the sport. You don’t have to play every day. Make some time for your weekend. Just an hour or two. Nowadays there are sports clubs in your locality itself. Make some use of it. You may even find some new people to talk about breaking your monotony.

3.Switch off your phone while eating.

I know you might be receiving really important calls and you really can’t afford to switch off your phones at any time of the day. But while you are eating, the buzzing of phones not only distracts you but annoys your families or companions as well. You must respect food. Realize and thank God that you have enough money to have at least 2 full meals. There are so many who have to give up their whole earned money and still struggle to get even half a meal.

4.Listening to Music.

Listening to chartbusters or songs that captivate your mood and soul can be great refreshers. They also reflect your personality. When your working you most definitely can’t afford to do it, but while travelling there is no harm. Just don’t plug in your earphones while driving or crossing roads.

5.Talk to your friends.

You may not realize it while your schedule is so full of work, but there might be some friends who really need listeners. Lend them your ears and try to help them solve their problems. It is a great feeling when you are able to put someone out of their troubles. You feel strengthened to solve your own problems.

So, these are some of our tips. If you are even able to imbibe two or three out of them, you might find dealing with your life much easier and simpler.

More power to you all. Cheers!!


  • Maanasa Srivani


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