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How Amul has set standards in Indian advertising

How Amul has set standards in Indian advertising

Amul-The Taste of India has won hearts of a million populations all over the world. The dairy company has maintained a comprehensive goodwill all over the marketplace. It is now recognized as a brand in the FMCG product making milk and milk products. But how did Amul successfully capture the market is the most important question. To come into the glimpse of million people at a time, Amul had started advertising for its product. As we know, it is far more effective to develop a crisp and eloquent advertising so that it appeals well to the audience.


While the company commenced its work in 1957, the advertisement started after a decade, around 1966. To grab viewers’ attention, the ‘utterly-butterly’ Amul girl is an icon to the company right from 1966-67.

The artist who drew a handmade cartoon character in polka dots is Eustace Fernandes. The young chubby girl with blue hair and half ponytail won million people’s heart. She is the reason why polka dots are never out of India, maybe. She still wins hearts of people every day, and so in 2013, she became the focus of a book titled Amul’s India-India as viewed through the character’s eyes.


Talking about the brand and brand strategy followed by Amul, the company has established various advertisements that are consistent, selecting an up-to-the-minute topic and making an advertisement about it. It is relatable, fun and enjoyable conveying the strong message as well both nationally and internationally. The media advertising of the company is great. Today almost all the newspaper prints this ad at the top right corner of the page.


So much attainment is the reason why it is ranked no.1 Indian brand campaign on its lists of top 1000 Brands of Asia for 3 consecutive years. Amul as old as its company still follows the same old way of brand stratagem. The phrase ‘old is gold’ suits best to the situation. The ads contain simple content and campaign, which leads a mass people.  In the long run for a company to succeed the brand identity is required.


Apart from the amusing and adorable Amul girl, graphics of further milk products like ice cream, health drinks and other beverages are made to look as alluring and delightful as possible. Apart from advertising, its product has been greeted and saluted. It has not only highlighted itself via brand identity but also penetrated consumers with vibrant products today. Amul has followed the same marketing strategy past 50 years. It follows ‘Umbrella Branding’, saying that they have to take care of only one child, unlike other brands who appoint 10 different people for sub-brands. According to Amul, if we focus on one brand, we can nurture it better. This is the chant for a successful business according to Amul. First, they captured the market by supplying best quality milk products at affordable rates and then targeting a million customers through its brand name and advertising strategy.


Source: Campaign India, Digital Vidya, And The Better India


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