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7 Green guards at home


Recently, I read an article about  Kareena Kapoor Khan, an Indian film actress, launching two air purifiers and stressing on building a healthy environment indoors by minimising indoor pollution. Now, when I shared the article with my friend, I was surprised to know that my friend had no idea what indoor pollution even was! She didn’t even know that a thing like indoor Pollution existed. Later, I realised not many people know that pollution happens not just outside but inside of your house too.

Now, as the name suggests, Indoor Pollution is basically a kind of pollution that takes place indoors, i.e, in your house, having both short term and long term side effects.

Indoor Pollution can be caused due to many reasons. The first and the common one being smoke, which can come from the fireplace or the stove in the kitchen. Cigarette smoke (passive smoking) is an instance of smoke as well. Now being around smoke, means you are inhaling those toxic substances which will affect your lungs in some way or the other resulting in breathing related issues like asthma.

The second cause of indoor pollution is Volatile Organic Compounds(VOCs) which are harmful chemicals emitted from products like perfumes, deodorants, paints and Polishes, Varnishes, adhesives, certain cleaning products, etc. These emissions are known to cause nausea, dizziness and fatigue. And prolonged exposure can cause even Cancer. Other causes include asbestos found in building materials, dust and allergens from carpets and rugs, dander or mildew or mould that is caused when the environment in your home becomes too damp.

The important question is how can you control indoor pollution? Taking into account the busy lives that we lead and hectic schedules that we have cleaning and maintaining your house to battle indoor pollution becomes a Herculean task for many.

Research studies have shown that the best possible way to fight indoor pollution is by introducing Flora to your home.  Indoor plants help tackle indoor pollution by purifying and cleaning the air. Not just that, studies at NASA  have shown that keeping indoor plants at home also help in increasing the concentration and memory power of the brain,  reducing stress and fatigue, reducing frequent headaches, nausea and a considerable decline in allergies, irritation in eyes and itchy skin and skin diseases like eczema. If you’re thinking that keeping indoor plants will prove to be problematic in the long run because it may require lots of care then you should know this too-

Indoor plants don’t even require much care. Most of them can go without water for a week or two and some require watering just once a week.  Just a good pot and you’re good to go.

So here are top 7 plants that you must have if you want a green, clean and a healthy home.

  1. Snake plant.

Also known as Mother-in-law’s tongue, it is a must have indoor plant especially in bedrooms as it gives out oxygen even at night and toilets since it absorbs benzene, formaldehyde and other chemicals coming out from personal products which are mostly kept in toilets. It requires little or no maintenance at all. Go on a vacation and come back the plant is there to welcome you as fresh as you had left it.

  1. Spider plant

These plants are very adaptable to any kind of surrounding and are extremely easy to grow. If you have pets, then spider plants are the best to keep in your house as they’re safe for pets.

  1. Weeping fig.

If you have carpets in your living room then you need to have this plant because this plant absorbs emissions from carpets and help in reducing dust allergies and skin allergies like eczema.   This beautiful plant becomes a showstopper for your house and the best place to keep it is near a window that allows maximum sunlight to come in.

  1. Peace Lily.

Believe it or not Peace Lily keeps fight and discord in the family at bay. Jokes apart, this plant loves to be in a low light and low humid area with a moist soil. Keep the plant near the corridor of your entrance and in its full bloom it will certainly lift up your spirits.

  1. Aloe Vera.

Aloe Vera requires very low maintenance. It needs to kept in bright indirect sunlight and watered occasionally. It is a great absorbent of pollutants like benzene and formaldehyde. This plant makes a great indoor plant with its anti-pollutant nature and a galactic of beauty benefits.

  1. Palm

Palms like Bamboo Palm or Areca Palm give a green look to the entire room wherever it is placed. Both these palms are natural humidifiers and soak in pollutants like dust, allergens, xylene, benzene, carbon monoxide and formaldehyde.

They’re known to emit maximum oxygen and so these plants are a must have for a healthy living.

  1. Golden Pothos

These plants are so faithful that they’ll never let you go. Also known as devil’s ivy, these plants thrive in water as well. Their air purifying quality makes them the best companion for a houseplant.


There are a number of other plants which can be kept in homes, but one should not leave out on the Indian Basil which is commonly found in every household. Medicinal benefits apart it is one of the best known anti-pollutant household plants.


  • Shivani Das


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