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Dress to Impress

It’s February and you are confused what to ware on the special day? It’s not just with you even your partner must me wondering about the same. So here are some ideas that’ll help you dress for your lover. Firstly, I would like to say that don’t compromise your comfort to impress your lover. Wear whatever suits you. Secondly, decide the venue and taking that into consideration choose your outfit. The next and foremost tip- carry everything with confidence and you’ll rock!

There are three kinds of dresses- party and casual wear

Both for men and women. So in order to pick from these three the foremost thing you have to do is to know the place you’ll be going on for the day.

Women who pick casual as their category can wear jeans, sweatshirt, t-shirt and carry classy bags and accessories with matching heels. All you need to make sure is your look should be different from other days if you really want to impress your love. Wear sweatshirt having some message for him or maybe some print which is relatable to your bond or your love for him. Select a colour in he likes you the most.Carry everything smartly and there you go!

Women who choose party wear dresses- Don’t overdo things! This is the only thing men don’t like. Choose something you are comfortable in plus something which will make him go crazy. Dress yourself in his favourite colour dress. Show your wild side to him and walk gracefully and let him lose his patience! ??

Men too have the same categories-casual and party wears

So, men who choose casual and are celebrating their date in a simple way and are not going to pretend anything can put up sweatshirts or shirts to impress their girls. Add on a tie of her favourite pattern or colour and just be a little patient on the date and treat her like a Queen. You already have won her heart, the day is just to express your love for her in a special way. Sing for her maybe or do something she loves, she’ll definitely fall for you again???.

For men party wear is nothing so different. If you are going to a luxurious dinner or date wear a blazer and tie. You’ll look like a gentleman going for a date with wife? Dress up nicely and show her how much you love her. Here you go! Bingo!


The basic thing to keep in mind is that you have to make the day memorable. Don’t forget that they love you and accept the way you are! Girls avoid extra makeup and stay sober ?.

Happy February!!

~Ayushi Bansal


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