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Senior Health and Fitness Day

Senior Health and Fitness Day

National senior health and fitness day is celebrated to promote fitness awareness amongst the older citizens of the country. It is held every year on the last Wednesday of May. This year it is held on 25th of May, 2016. It is the 23rd year of this event.


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It is held in the U.S where around 100,000 older adults will participate in 1,000 locations in the country. The main goal of this event is to help the older adults to keep themselves fit.

The National Senior Health and Fitness Day is organised as a public-private partnership by the Mature Market Research Center, a national information clearing house for the older adult market.


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This event encourages the elders to practise some exercises and follow a healthy diet. It explores the many senior- friendly exercises the nutritious diet which helps the bones to be stronger and regain the muscle strength, which avoids any fractures and falls in the older age.

Low-impact, non- competitive exercises may involve walking, swimming and stretching all focusing on their strength and flexibility.

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Older adults participate in the event by registering in the local place where senior health and fitness day is held.


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