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Summer Vacation – Make the Most of It


Vacation is a time where you can get time for your family. Where you can be the real you with your family. You can make most of it by planning a trip with your family.

The fun, the excitement, the joy, the happiness in the whole world is only spending times with your loved ones.

So make this vacation trip a memorable one by planning something exciting for your family.

When summer is here, the mercury is rising and making life uneasy and uncomfortable in every possible way. But for children, summer vacation  is the most exciting time of the year as they have a long school break.

Children wait for summer vacation  as this is the time when they can have so much fun, do what they want, sleep late and go out on holiday. But, it is also that time of the year that should be utilized judiciously for the betterment of the children.

We all need break from the monotonous routine of our daily life, so do children. They have the luxury of enjoying long school break, but, as elders and parents, we are responsible for balancing fun and enjoyment with learning different skills. So, plan your child’s summer vacation in such a way that not only the child enjoys but also utilizes the time to learn something new that can help develop the child’s personality as well.

Mentioned below are some points that we can keep in mind while planning for the child’s holidays routine:

Maintain Routine

During summer vacation children do not like to follow a routine. They want to sleep, play and watch television endlessly. Its good to do that sometimes but, make sure children mostly have a routine of waking up, having meals, doing home work, watching television, going out to play, etc.

Set Expectations Right

Before holidays begin, sit with children and discuss how they want to spend their summer vacation  and what are you expecting them to do. Ask them where they want to go for a vacation or if they want to learn some art or sport during this time and then plan accordingly.

Encourage Them To Learn Something New

Ask your child if he/she wants to learn any art or dance form, or if the child wants to learn some sport. Find something of their interest so that they can join those classes and learn something interesting. It can also help you to explore the hidden talents in your child.

Spend Time Together

Try to spend as much time as you can with your child during summer vacations. Take them out to the park to play, watch their favorite movies together, take them for an outing on lunch or dinner once a week so that the child also feels that “It’s fun time.”

Encourage Them To Read

Buy your children some interesting story books during their vacation so that they develop the habit of reading. Regularly ask them what they read. You can also be a part of such reading sessions. Buy them books like Panchtantra Tales, Akbar and Birbal, Wimpy Kids, Short Stories or even their favorite cartoon character stories.

Holiday Homework Is A Must

Its very difficult to make children sit and study during school break as they are not in a mood to do this. But, make sure they complete their home work. Divide it into parts, so that they complete the work gradually and do not lose touch with their studies and what they have learned in school.

Travelling and Vacations

One of the most important reasons why children are excited about school break is that they get a chance to travel, meet relatives (grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins) or go out to a tourist destination with parents. Take out time to do this and meet children’s expectations as the first thing that they share with their friends and teachers after vacations is, “Where they went” and “who they met” during this period.

If your children are a little more grown up, encourage them to teach a poor child, ask them to plant trees or make them participate in any social work according to their age. This will help them develop into a better human being.


It could be quiet a difficult task for you as parents to organize and plan children’s summer vacation in an effective way. But, make sure you take out time and be a part of their enjoyment, fun and learning experiences.

Children want and need you during this period the most. If you will put in this extra effort of planning and giving time to your growing children, not only will they learn things and utilize their breaks in a better way, but, you will also enjoy and feel happy and gratified to see the positive results of your involvement.


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