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All about Vantara, the 3000-acre animal shelter launched by Anant Ambani in Jamnagar


Anant Ambani, the younger son of Mukesh Ambani, Chairman of Reliance Industries, has announced the launch of his ambitious wildlife preservation project, which is all set to become the world’s largest zoo and rehabilitation centre.

Dubbed ‘Vantara,’ meaning ‘Star Of The Forest,’ this expansive initiative spans 3,000 acres within Reliance’s Jamnagar Refinery Complex, often referred to as the Green Belt Of Gujarat.


Vantara, a brainchild of Anant Ambani and supported by Reliance Industries and Reliance Foundation, aims to be a haven for abused, injured, and endangered animals. The project is not merely a zoo but a comprehensive rehabilitation centre, designed to recreate a natural and nurturing environment akin to the lush habitats from which the rescued animals hail.


The expansive complex is a testament to the commitment of the project to wildlife conservation and is set to collaborate with esteemed organizations, such as the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and the World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF).

The grand conservation center includes state-of-the-art healthcare facilities, hospitals, research centers, and academic institutions. Vantara’s focus extends beyond its immediate borders, with initiatives to rescue and rehabilitate animals globally.


Over the years, the program has successfully saved more than 200 elephants, alongside numerous reptiles and birds, critical species such as rhinos, leopards, and crocodiles. Collaborations with international rescue centers in Mexico and Venezuela have further expanded its reach.

The broader Rescue & Rehabilitation Centre under Vantara’s umbrella shelters various animals saved from exploitative conditions or the brink of death. With a staff of 2,100, the center has provided refuge to more than 2000 animals, spanning 43 different species. The facilities include an ICU, MRI, CT scan, X-ray, ultrasound, endoscopy, dental scalers, lithotripsy, dialysis, and advanced technology for live video conferences during surgeries.

Vantara’s visionary leader, Anant Ambani, envisions the project not only as a monumental conservation effort, but also as a hope for global biodiversity initiatives.


Rooted in the philosophy of ‘jeev seva’ or caring for animals, inspired by Swami Vivekananda, the initiative reflects a mission to protect critically endangered species native to India, restore vital habitats, and contribute significantly to global conservation.

Anant Ambani’s passion for wildlife conservation aligns with his commitment to sustainable energy generation, evident in his spearheading of Reliance’s renewable energy project in Jamnagar. With a goal to make Reliance a Net Carbon Zero company by 2035, Ambani demonstrates a holistic approach to environmental stewardship.

Vantara represents a pioneering venture that not only addresses the immediate needs of rescued animals, but also contributes to the broader conversation on wildlife conservation and the coexistence of humans and animals. As it unfolds, Vantara stands poised to be a transformative force, showcasing how forward-thinking institutions can lead global initiatives for biodiversity preservation.


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