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Things you must leave off your resume!

Things you must leave off your resume!

Applying for a job is not as easy as it sounds. Most people prepare too hard for their interviews to make a great first impression but what they don’t realise is that their resumes have already made their first impressions on the recruiters. Sending your resume over to the recruiter of the company is the most tricky part because you are going to be judged first on the basis of a piece of paper. Therefore, you must make it great. Most people add unnecessary things to their resumes which annoy the recruiters and so here is a list of a few things that you must avoid adding to your

resume at all costs!


  • Photograph: Nope, nobody wants to see your picture attached to your resume. It’s time you understood that companies do not recruit you on the basis of your looks but your skills. Thus, rather than attaching your picture to the document, add a few more lines regarding your skills.
  • Hobbies: Your recruiters don’t care about your hobbies really. However, the main reason why you should leave your hobbies off your resume is so that you can carefully utilize the space that it takes up on the document. Recruiters do not have much time to go through one single resume and so must keep it short and simple and full of factors that make them want to employ you immediately.


  • Political or religious preferences: There is absolutely no need for you to tell your employer about your political or religious preferences. If you do put it in your resume, you will face the risk of losing the job because the employers do not want any kind of discrimination in the premise and want to stay away from such matters at all costs.
  • Marital Status or children: Employers don’t really see things the way we see them. When they see someone with children, they start thinking of all the days when you are going to call in sick just to take care of your children or leave early to pick up your children from school. It can work the other way around too because the employers might think that you are a young married woman and you might call in for a long maternity leave soon enough. Therefore, it is best to just leave those things out of your resume.4
  • The silly email account: Just so many people end up making this mistake and so many people get rejected right away. You need to leave the stupid or cool, as you may call it, email out of your resume and make an official one with no funny words in it.5
  • Long Paragraphs: Imagine if this article was a long and perpetual paragraph, would you have reached the end of it? We all know the answer. Well, similarly, your recruiters don’t want to get into long paragraphs either and so it is better if you simply make a few bullet points about every description and keep it neat and sweet.


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