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Reasons to do Cardio Routine


Cardiovascular exercise or Cardio as it is commonly known, is’nt just about losing weight or getting skinny! It is way more rewarding than you can think of! Read on to find out more..

  • Improved heart health :This is, of course the main reason why one would do cardio in the first place. Being regular with your cardio routine helps lower the resting heart rate. Heart rate is an indicator of how efficiently our body is pumping blood through the system. A lower heart rate means that your cardiac muscle is getting stronger & bigger. So, your heart needs to work less harder to do the same work!
  • Increased energy levels : If you feel sluggish when you wake up or by afternoon, or can’t get started at work unless you have that mug of coffee, guess what??? Probably you aren’t doing enough cardio! One of the very first benefits of doing an effective cardio workout is increased energy levels, more alertness & a feeling of being full of life!
  • The Runner’s high : Also called as Endorphin rush.. this is the euphoric feeling you get after a rigorous workout session! This is due to the release of endorphins in the body! Endorphins are the happiness hormones that make you feel oh-so-good about yourself! & if you are regular with your workout routine, you feel good about yourself most of the time! Also a confidence booster!
  • Glowing Skin : Cardiovascular exercise enhances the efficiency of your circulatory system, helps lower stress hormones & stimulates the release of endorphins, the happiness hormones. And the result of these changes is very evident in the post workout pink glow that one gets after a good cardio session! It boosts detoxification & promotes cell renewal! Good bye, dull skin!
  • Improves brain function : When you do a regular cardio routine, there are positive hormonal changes that prevent age-related cognitive decline & enhances the frontal cortex, the part associated with planning & long term memory. The perfect anti-ageing therapy for the brain!

Committing to a regular cardio routine will offer you many more benefits that are to be experienced rather than read about! You also need to remember that, along with cardio, strengthening your musculo-skeletal system is a very important aspect for overall fitness.

So,get into your workout gear & get started! 🙂


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