“Ishq de mere mitran pehchaan ki…
Mit jaave jaddo zidd apnan di…”

Remember this dialogue from Akshay Kumar starrer Namastey London. Everything about love is exquisite. And everything about Bollywood is a finely scripted love story. From the very birth of Hindi cinemas, the definition of love has crossed evident milestones with time. Hindi cinema has always given masterpieces to remember. The film makers never failed to unfold the essence of love. Gradually, love grew to become not just a feeling between two young people but between any two souls with affection.                                


From epic romances like Mughal-e-Azam to evergreen romance in Aradhana, creating history with Dilwale Dulhania Le Jaenge to breaking records with Bajirao Mastani. Glancing at this incredible journey, here are 5 absolutely rich and stereotype breaking romances of Bollywood:



A love story with a tragic end has always been able to stay in the people’s heart forever. This is one of the reasons that this 2006 movie still stands on the list of Bollywood’s historical romances. The plot revolves around a terrorist who changes identities for his missions. Things go out of his hands when he falls in love with a blind girl. Many events follow and they meet again. But this meeting turns to be fatal as the girl has to make a choice between her country and her love. In the end, he dies is her arms. The end is what touched the audience and won hearts all over.

“Tere dil mai meri saanson ko panaa mil jaaye…

Tere ishq mai meri jaan fanaa ho jaaye…”



A 2010 blockbuster by Sanjay Leela Bhansali is featured on a magician turned radio jockey who is quadriplegic. Defeated by his frailty, he had requested for ‘Euthansia’. This film shows the love and affection of a nurse that grows silently in the past 12 years that she has been taking care of him. This is a different toll on love as it shows the lady ready to leave anything just to be able to spend a few happy moments with him. She even gets a divorce and never leaves the magician till his last breath. Love is everything about what you can do to see the person content.

“Till death do us apart.”



Can love alter the course of destiny? This film has your answers. One dyslexic man goes beyond boundaries to prove his love. His search for the President to prove his son’s innocence is what the story is about. Some movies just can never grow out of love. And this is one of those kinds. This film proved that the language of love doesn’t need words. It became the 10th highest grossing overseas film of its time. There is not a single eye that did not shed tears watching this man fight.

“Mujhe darr toh bahut si cheezon se lagta hain…

Par sabse zyada dar tumhe kho dene ke khayal se lagta hain…”



Imagine being a prisoner of 22 years without a crime! Unbearable, right? Veer, an Indian army officer falls in love with a Pakistani girl Zara. To save her from the embarrassment, he takes up the charge of something he had never done leaving him in the Karachi prison for 22 long years. Its only after that when a lawyer decides to take up his case and finally reunites him with his long lost love. This film made history when it was declared as ‘The film of the year 2004’.

“Sachhi mohabbat zindagi mai sirf ek baar hoti hain…or jab hoti hain… toh koi bhagwan yah khuda use kamyaab nahi hone dete… “



In the Indian culture of arrange marriages, can two strangers promise to love each other even when something goes wrong? Loving a beautiful person is ordinary, but to hold that love through all odds is the message of this film. With one of a kind storyline, this film didn’t fail to impress even the younger audiences. This film definitely changed the arranged marriage perception.

“Mera pyaar iss ka mohtaaj nahi…”

-Sayphali Misshra


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