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World Asthma Day


World Asthma Day is celebrated with an aim to provide complete care and support to people who are suffering from the ailment. At the same time, awareness regarding the diseases is also spread across the world. Asthma as we all know is a chronic diseases which affects the persons breathing capabilities and causes coughing, breathlessness, fatigue, chest pain, etc.

World Asthma Day is an event which occurs on the first Tuesday of every May and this year it is to be celebrated on 3rd of May. Various activities are conducted to prevent the disease and raise awareness for the same. The event is organized by the Global Initiative for Asthma.

In this article, I will tell you certain tips that could prevent asthma and also act as a safety method for those who are already suffering from the disease.

  1. Allergy proof beddings2

Source: kmart.com

Asthma is often triggered by dust particles and most of them come from your pillow covers or mattresses often. Therefore, make sure they are allergy proof!

  1. Keep stuff toys and carpets out of sleeping area!

Again, you must take care of being around too much of dust. In case the carpet needs to be there, make sure it is dust free!

  1. Keep away from smoke

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This you know pretty well. Don’t be around people who are smoking or around the smoking area.

  1. Choose your cleaning products wisely

Inhaling fumes from cleaning products can cause asthma problems and other related breathing problems as well.

  1. Be stress free

Source: thespecific.com

Too much of stress levels can only worsen your condition; therefore make sure you take some time out to sit back and relax.

  1. Try to be in open areas with accurate air quality

Hot and humid weather can often cause you a problem and bad air quality will only aggravate your asthma. So when you are planning to go outdoors, keep a check on such things!

  1. Quick relief asthma medicines

    Source: doctorwellgood.com

    For those who already have asthma, it is advisable to have a medicine which has been prescribed by your doctor for all the times you need instant relief.

    1. Exercise regularly!

    Source: watchfit.com

    You need to keep up with your health otherwise also. So, do some breathing exercise whenever you find time and keep yourself physically fit.

    And that was about it! Some very basic prevention measures to do up with Asthma care needs!

    On World Asthma Day 2016, abide by to take care of yourself and of people around you and help prevent Asthma!


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