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Women at its best!


One of the best things that ever happened to me is that I’m a woman. that is the way all females should feel. Quote by Marilyn Monroe, Actor

A woman with a voice is the definition, a strong woman. But the search to find that voice is needed. The words have a power to make you or break you, the thought that we have needs to move in one right direction to empower women each other! 

To all the women out their- You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think. I am sure many would believe women are soul of the family. If you nurture them you are nurtured, whether it’s your mother or sister or any special lady in your life. You are bringing health, wealth and prosperity in your life. In the olden times where women were not treated well by family and society. She was told education is not necessary and just be restricted by doing household tasks. Despite living in the same world women felt unaware of what was happening around them and less in control. Celebrating Women’s Day is to bring awareness to women, that they are special and deserving.

Here I am sharing my art piece which is of Saraswati very dear to my heart. The moment I started to find my voice I realized its coming from the right source. 

Painting doesn’t happen when I force myself It is rhythm of my life when it has to happened. I love to do art which comes easily, spontaneous and enriching heart and mind which resonates globally is my intuitive art series. I pick up ideas from my subconscious mind which feels surreal. I believe helping anyone to imagine, is an art form by itself. It is all about healing and its connection with nature. 

Yes, I have participated in various exhibitions and showcased my art on various platforms. I have sold many art pieces in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Mumbai, Turkey, Ireland, Portugal, and the United States. Every exhibition helps me to meet and expose my art to different set of viewers, art buyers, art lovers who enhance and enrich me as an artist. Their appreciation and encouragement has played important part in my growth. 


 My piece of advice to the other women would be to:

  • Educate yourself. There are many ways to educate through internet.
  • Express your thoughts find a friend or a therapist to whom you can trust and share your thoughts. 
  •  Don’t wait for someone else to come in your life and change things for you. Go and make the change. Make a calculative changes so you can adapt the changes.
  • If you see yourself you are capable of helping someone else just do it. May be it’s your turn to make initiative and contribute to the world.
  • Helping women to stand up for their rights is possible. When any one woman takes an effort to make the change, other woman need to support her and amplify her voice.
  • It’s important for a woman to know her own rights before being vulnerable and giving up.
  • I believe world is changing and that men are accepting and appreciating women’s power. We need to work together and create a stronger society.


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