How couple in their 40’s can spark their love and romantic life


    Love like every other feeling gets old and we need to be precautious to defeat the ageing of this beautiful feeling. Read 5 amazing and lovable ways to be a LOVE GURU :
    1. A Honeymoon with your Honey, again: Yes , you read it right. When things around you start taking more time out of your life , partners start ignoring each other and start spending less time with each other. It’s a disaster, avoid it in every situation. Give an intense bazooka to your love by having a second HoneyMoon with your honey. This will not only help you to relax but also to see in the eyes of your partner and say I LOVE YOU, again.
    2. Acknowledge Each Other: Lovers being together for a long time start taking other for granted and does not acknowledge his or her contribution in his/her progress. Love needs strong backing of respect in these times. Acknowledge your partner and above all his/her compromises in all those years for the family, for the love and most importantly, for you.
    3. Treat Each other: Partners need to treat each other, there are many ways to do that but I find massage to be the best and most workable. Massage will help you to make your partner feel lovable and to be cared for. This takes your intimacy to a different level.
    4. Play together: apart from our daily routine stuff, do take out some time to do things together. Take a walk, read a poem, jog or a sport. These physical and intellectual exercises do not help you with your well being alone but also improves the health of your relation with your partner.
    5. Ba a naughty: I am not gonna explain it . Just be naughty occasionally, naughtiness has the direct proportionality with the young hood of your relationship .

    Written By Vaani Bhardwaj


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