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3 types of lying to be wary of and avoid for working and business professionals

3 types of lying to be wary of and avoid for working and business professionals
  1. Lying on Resume or at Interview:


Lying on resume is an absolute no-no. Sometimes one can feel tempted to do that after going through a job requirement post or while facing an interview. But such fibs or more so lies may turn out to be costly.

  1. Dishonest Review about some suggested system:


With the advancing rise of technology, software and machine systems are bound to be upgraded or changed. A lot of discussions in Business seminars talk about how older employees show resistance to implementation of new systems. They appear to develop the inhibition that since they are comfortable with certain way of working, adapting to a new system might make them slow or unproductive. This often causes them to give a false and discouraging review about a system that the company is trying to consider implementing. However, they fail to realize that by really and honestly reviewing it, they can add more value to themselves.

  1. Performance review of subordinate:

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Sometimes, with a subordinate, one can have a love-hate relationship. Some bosses might feel a little jealous about the appreciated performance of their juniors. During those times, they can be driven to show their subordinates in negative light on performance reviews. One has got to understand that such moves are always disastrous. Its because if someone’s capable, their progress can never be stopped just like how darkness can never hide light. What’s needed then is to just appreciate them for their good and look hard to find areas they can work on. The effort put to honestly view their real areas that need work will cause them to only feel thankful and make things better.

Other than the above situations, one can be tempted or even forced to lie sometimes. But the core motivation for right action comes from the basic understanding that lying isn’t going to carry anyone for long.


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