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Difference between Dating a Boy VS Dating a Man

Be Attractive
  • A boy is possessive. A man is protective.


  • A boy looks for girls who are good looking and hot. A man looks for a woman who is intelligent and supportive.


  • A boy makes excuses so that his ego is not hurt. A man accepts his mistakes and tries to fix them.


  • A boy treats a girl disrespectfully. A man knows chivalry.


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  • A boy is concerned about how you look in front of his friends. A man does not care about that, as long as he is happy with you.


  • A boy underestimates you. A man never does that, he always treats you equally.


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  • A boy does not have much of an idea about what he wants. A man knows what he wants and takes suitable actions for it.


  • A boy only plans for his present. A man always focuses on his future.


  • A boy needs you just to show off his relationship. A man needs you because his life is complete with you.


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