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10 Tricks every man would need to beat the heat

10 Tricks every man would need to beat the heat

There are guys who don’t sweat at all and then there are guys who sweat like pigs; however, given the kind of heat that is here, everyone needs to adhere to some basic things. It is with these small precautions and things that one can keep themselves well kempt throughout the day in such a hot weather. Guys cannot do much with their clothes (apart from the choice of fabric), so here are a couple of tricks that every man could use to beat the heat!

  1. Shower fresh!

Well, this is one thing guys can do quite often and must do as sweat is one of the most annoying things to deal with during summers.

  1. Antiperspirants are always a saviour!

You need to have a strong antiperspirant! Explore your choices and settle for the one which best suits you; try not to go by the marketing schemes!

  1. Vest shall be your sweat armor!

Though not everyone is in favor of this, but vests are the best way to help you keep up with all the sweat and not mess your shirt/t-shirts.

  1. Carry a bottle around with you!

Guys don’t tend to have a habit of carrying a bottle or a sipper with them to work, college, etc. they need to inculcate in them the habit of keeping water along!

  1. Carry a light napkin/handkerchief

Again, you must not let dirt or sweat accumulate on your face. Keep a light cloth for wiping it often and also wash your face regularly.

  1. Keep food cool and avoid too much of spicy food!

Avoid food which is heated by the sun (keep it properly covered) and also try to have food with minimum spices as well as oil. Try to eat light food in the summers!

  1. Aloe Vera

Guys aren’t really too concerned about skin problems during summer. But Aloe Vera shall prove to be a blessing for you in this heat.

  1. Know your body’s cooling points!

It is good to know the areas where the cooling effect is such that your body cools down and the hear escapes.

  1. Cool your car down!

You must have faced this quite often I am sure. What you can do to cool down that burning sensation in the car is open one of the windows of the car and keep closing and opening the gate opposite to it. Gradually, the temperature will come down to normal!

  1. Exercise comfortably!

There are ways you can easily continue with your exercise even during this heat. May be you could adjust your timing or switch to water sports; you’ll be good to go!

And that is how all you guys out there can beat the heat this summer. Just some basic things that you need to adopt in everyday life and you are all set!


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