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You are What and How you eat….

   It is correctly stated that Health is the actual Wealth that a person can retain. Health and fitness are the important factors for...

Best Honeymoon destinations in North India

A honeymoon is always special and magical trip and the best way to start your beautiful journey of togetherness. Those few days spent with...

Review for ‘Island Kiss’

I know You all are doing fantastic and so tired with this sticky summer season. So discussing nothing more, I would like to directly jump...

Hairstyles You Could Try This Summer

Summer in India is hot and humid. We usually change our wardrobe according to the season but not our hair, which we should. Trust...
10 Tricks every man would need to beat the heat

10 Tricks every man would need to beat the heat

There are guys who don’t sweat at all and then there are guys who sweat like pigs; however, given the kind of heat that...

10 Tricks every woman would need to beat the heat

So summers are right here and everyone’s trying to beat the heat with the best they can. For girls it becomes all the more...

How To Get Radiant Skin In Summer

  Summer is here, are you ready? Summer is the season to flaunt your shorts and summer dresses, which reveal most of your skin to...

Wierd Ice-creams in the World

Rose water ice-cream - The two brothers Mashti and Mehdi shirvani make really awesome ice- cream flavours at their shop. They make this...
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