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10 Tricks every woman would need to beat the heat

10 Tricks every woman would need to beat the heat

So summers are right here and everyone’s trying to beat the heat with the best they can. For girls it becomes all the more of a task with those long hairs, all the makeup and not to forget the dresses, accessories and so on. Every girl can easily tackle the summer problems with a few of these tricks and adhere to them for a better experience!

Here are 10 tricks every woman could do up to beat the heat effectively!

  1. Do up the hair!

This we all know but for woman, it is more of a smart move. You could get a shoulder length hair cut or the chic look so as to be a little free with at least the hair! We all love long hair, but we need to keep up with the weather as well, and for that this is one saviour!

  1. Switch to skirts!

If you can do the short skirt well, then nothing could be better. If not, a mid length or full length skirt could work equally well.

  1. Tank tops are always in fashion!

These days the tank tops are available in so many designs and patterns; pair them up with shorts or jeans and you’ll be good to go!

  1. Crop tops!

You do know how much trending crop tops and crop t-shirts are. Pair it up with a skirt or shorts or jeans and you are good to go for any party/meetings!

  1. The desi stuff!

A leggings and kurti paired with a nice scarf is the chic look for the entire summers. Also, if you are more of a jeans person, you can always go for the short kurtis!

  1. Cargo pants!

Ah, as comfortable as they have always been! They are loose and they are comfortable, perfect as ever!

  1. Go sleeveless and keep yourself cool! *It is a scientifically proven fact*
  2. Pair up your dresses with cardigans! They won’t make you feel hot as they are made up of linen or cotton and will let you protect yourself from tanning as well as keep you cool.
  3. Wear loose tops as the body clinging ones will always make you sweat and feel hotter. So don’t wear too baggy tops but don’t go for the too tight ones either.
  4. Seen those flared pants or palazzos? They are going to be your favorite choice once you are accustomed with them. They are an all time wear, be it at home or for all the outing.

And that was about the coolest summer hacks to beat the heat this summer! Dress in style and keep yourself up to date always! So this summer, beat the heat in style!


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