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Time Management Tips

It has been always said that “don’t work harder, work smarter”.

Many things can be derived out of this statement but the one that makes the most sense is to save time. Time is a commodity that no one affords to lose because it is something which certainly does not repeat itself. What is here and now will never be again and we have to eventually make peace with it. Many a time we find ourselves in situations that demand more time from us than we can afford to give and that frustrates us because everything starts going haywire. What you need to do is adapt some quick and easy time management tips which will not only help you calm yourself down but will also give you more than enough time to get your daily chores and work completed well before deadlines.


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  • Create a daily plan: There was always a reason why we had timetables in schools and colleges. They essentially help us in assigning a set amount of time to each task. What we need to do is make a daily plan of tasks that need to be completed and follow the routine religiously. Once you start following the plan that is made by you, eventually you will realize how much things stop getting cluttered and tasks get completed faster.



  • Eat the frog: No, you don’t have to literally eat the Frog but as eating Frogs is certainly disgusting, the statement actually conveys that you must do the most important as well as the most irritating task first thing in the morning. When you are done with it, you know that you only have to take on easier tasks after that which enlightens your mood and reduces your stress levels.2
  • Concentrate: As much as multitasking is fun, it doesn’t really get your work done. You might be under the illusion that if you take on more than one task at a time, you will be completed all of them together in lesser time, however, this is as wrong as it gets. Multitasking confuses your brain and makes you work way slower. If you would rather choose to work upon a single task and put all of your concentration to it, you will be surprised to see how quickly that task is done with.


  • Take some time off: Going on about the entire day and doing some or the other work all the time can be really tiring for your brain. If you continue doing this, your brain will eventually give up and start working really slow. This way you will not be able to concentrate and your task will take forever to complete which is going to be really frustrating. Hence, you must allow some buffer time for yourself between different tasks in order for your brain to remain fresh and function better.


  • Combine similar tasks: Doing each task separately can also take some extra time away from your schedule which you are looking to avoid. Therefore, in order to save up on even more time, you can batch similar tasks together and work upon them in one go rather than doing each and every one of them singularly.


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