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Things you never knew you could do with Vinegar

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There are many things in our house which we come across each day. All of these things are of some or the other use to us but some of these regular things can be used for a lot different purposes which we could never even think of. Out of all of these things that we simply come across everyday in our house, vinegar is that one thing which can be used in ways that will solve your worries forever. Go on and give it a try!


  • Rubbing vinegar on your hands is a great escape from the smell on them after handling some onions. You know you need this because it can be extremely frustrating at time when you get your hand closer to your face and get disgusted with that foul smell.


  • If it always takes you hours to tenderize the meat that you are cooking for dinner, take some vinegar and mix it in the marinade that you have prepared for your meat. It softens it up throughout and makes it easier and quicker to cook.


  • Did you add a pinch of extra salt to your special dish and can’t stop worrying about it getting ruined? Well, vinegar to the rescue. Simply add a few drops of vinegar to your dish to mask the extra salt.5
  • Forgot about the eggs after putting them in the water to boil? They’re definitely cracked and ruined. Vinegar essentially stops the eggs from cracking up in the water if you just add a teaspoon of it to the water. Problem solved!


  • No matter how many times you wash your or your kid’s lunch box, it always contains some kind of that the food contained in it leaves behind. That odour doesn’t make anyone happy. All you need to do to get rid of that disgusting odour is to soak up a slice of bread in white distilled vinegar and leave it in the lunch box overnight. The next morning you will find a brand new lunch box in the kitchen!


  • Another place where it is extremely difficult to get rid of the foul odour is your toilet seat. What you really have to do is pour a cup of white vinegar in the pot, let it stay there for 5 minutes and then simply flush it. All your worries will be flushed with it.


  • As we all know that mustard stains are always the hardest to wash away, vinegar can very easily change that fact. Just dab a little vinegar on the spot where you have spilled mustard and put it for wash. There won’t be any stains left.
  • If your expensive bag or shoes are losing their shine which they all eventually do, don’t sweat it. Just pick up some vinegar, dip an old cloth in it and rub your leather bags and shoes with them for a shine that will be bright enough to make them seem new.
  • You room stinks and none of the room fresheners are available? Spray a 50/50 mixture of vinegar and water in the stinky room to get rid of any kind of foul smell.


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