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International Dance Day


The International Dance Day was founded in the year of 1982 by the Dance Committee of the International Theater Institute. The International Dance Day is celebrated each year on the 29th of April and is celebrated by everyone who believes in the magic of dance and performing arts. Even though there is no particular reason to celebrate the International Dance Day on the 29th of April, French dancer and Ballet master Jean-Georges Noverre was born on this making it much more significant than it already is.

The purpose of celebrating this amazing day is basically to attract a wider audience which is not involved into performing arts of any kind. The day creates awareness among those who do not understand the importance of dance in their lives and enlightens them about everything related to the same. This is a way to universally bring people from different political, ethnic as well as cultural backgrounds together through a common language as that of dance.

In order to celebrate this day, a renowned and equally outstanding figure is chosen by the founders of the International Dance Day to circulate a chosen message throughout the world which is related to dance and the art involved in it. This personality is selected by the International Dance Committee of the International Theatre Institute which collaborates with the World Dance Alliance which too is a collaborating member of the ITI. According to the International Dance Council, dance has definitely been an integral part of human culture throughout its history, however, it has always been less prioritized by official embellishments.


The speech or message of the International Dance Day that is circulated in the world by the selected personality is different each year. Since there are so many languages in the world, this dance message is translated into all major languages that exist and then sent out to different countries. The biography of the artist is also translated in every language as the message is and then sent over. The message is then promote through YouTube videos where the author of the message is seen reciting the message to the world in different languages. This has been one of the most popular ways to promote the message of the International Dance Day. If the author of the message is somehow not available to recite the message himself, then prominent personalities from the world of performing arts are chosen to do the same in his absence.

The message is also vigorously promoted on print. Other than the message being printed on leaflets along with the biography of the author, it can also be sent to newspapers and magazines to be printed. The message is also sometimes printed on posters with relevant pictures and sold to various people. Some special events are also organized on International Dance Day in order to promote the message along with some great performances.


Anyone can celebrate the International Dance Day and everyone should. The cultural of performing arts hold much importance for everybody and it should definitely be encouraged.



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