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DIY Blogs You Must Follow


Let’s face it. It’s the age of “DIY” things. From make up to cooking to creating random things for home and what not, people are going crazy over this whole Do It Yourself trend. Nobody wants to spend a bomb over renovating their house or making small and creative things these days when they know that they can simply use some DIY tricks and do all they want without burning through their money. It not only comes out to be way more beautiful but you can also be sure that you are not spending too much moolah on these creative little changes that you bring to your life.

If you need some inspiration to actually Do It Yourself, here are some blogs you can visit and start with your DIY projects right away!


  1. Vintage Revivals: Started by Mandi, this blog is as colorful as it could get. You would be thrilled the moment you visit the website because it’s simply energizing and eye catchy. Mandi’s idea of any and every DIY project is to be “Fearless” and so you know that you are going to find some eccentric stuff on her blog. She doesn’t believe in spending a lot of money for decorations and so your worries can now go out the window. You can follow Mandi and her ideas here.



  1. The DIY Playbook: As the name itself suggests, you can visit this blog if you’re in the mood to read about different little things. This blog was started by Bridget and Casey and they term themselves as “the best friends and rookies” of this blog. Interesting, isn’t it? You’ll be bombarded with a lot of different and unique ideas as soon as you start following this suer-awesome blog.



  1. For the makers: This DIY blog right here is over 5 years old! It has just so much to offer that you’re definitely going to find yourself confused as to what should you take up first. From Jewelery skills to carved books to printable gift wraps and home décor, you can do all there is all by yourself. This blog will teach you so much that once you start following For The Makers, you’re never going to hit “unfollow”.



  1. Damask Love: With a tagline of “craft is in session”, this blog is all the love for DIY that you could find on your screen. Started by Amber and her obsession for stickers and stationery, this blog is purely about inspiration and motivation that you need to probably start your own. You’ll find a variety of things here and boredom will be the last one. Follow Damask Love and DIY!



  1. withHEART: Started by Jen, this blog is full of love. You won’t just find DIY things here which are completely emotionless and make no sense. According to Jen, you should always add in the sentimental, mix in some quirk and top it off with a little whimsy.” This blog is basically about home décor and so those of you who are looking for some inspiration, withHEART is the right place to be.



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