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Facts Girls want Guys to know about them.


Girls wish guys could know little things about them (just like they know about sports).Reading a girls mind can be difficult for a guy. Here’s a basic guide or facts about girls a guy must know to be in a relationship.

  1. Most of us like to be called beautiful than hot or sexy.
  2. Girls hate guys with bad hygiene.
  3. Girls like to feel special
  4. Girls talk to their girlfriends unless you tell them not to tell.
  5. Girls will flirt a bit with you but later will deny it or tell you it was a joke.
  6. Girls like guys who can protect her, make her feel safe around you. But remember don’t overdo it.
  7. Girls are forgiving so don’t take advantage of it.
  8. Don’t ever break a girl’s trust. Don’t share the secrets she tells you with anyone.
  1. Most girls don’t care about money. Girls like small gestures.
  2. When a girl says NO, it means no so stop asking guys.

Hope this was helpful guys.




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