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Auto performance upgrades that really work


In the age of technology and automobiles there’s always a need to upgrade your tech designs to stand the irrevocable competition. While modern cars may make you feel like you’re getting prime performance from your vehicle, with all their fancy gauges and space-age looking technology, truth is, it probably can do better. Lucky for you, you don’t have to be a mechanic, or understand the complexities of installing a muffler bearing, to be able to complete some basic upgrades to boost your car’s performance.
These days, cars are so highly developed to meet emissions and fuel-economy standards that it’s usually not possible to improve over the factory designs. But nonetheless cars are still compromises to corporate comfort and accessibility standards.
So I’ve found some really simple tips, which will help you, maximize your car performance to a great extent.
1.Use the best oil and change it regularly.
Make sure you change your oil regularly, following the recommendations in your owner’s manual. The greatest oil in the world eventually fills with contaminants and breaks down from heat and friction. Failure to change the oil in your engine regularly will eventually cause serious damage (and void your warranty).

2.Get a good set of tires and keep them inflated.
Good tires make all the difference. More grip makes you faster and keeps you safe. The difference between the cornering performance/feel of the humble Fusion with the original tires from the factory vs. the Eagle GTs are that the replacement came out to be astounding. Tires should always be your first move.

3.Get rid of the junk, add lightness
It’s amazing how quickly the weight of all that crap in your backseat/trunk can add up, and (depending on what kind of car you have) the effect it can have on mileage, handling, braking distance, etc. There’s a reason “add lightness” is a common refrain among automotive types. Changing the handling dynamics and weight distribution, put trace amounts of extra wear and tear on suspension components and brakes, etc. Sure, cars are made to haul stuff around, but they’re not made to be storage units. Keeping unnecessary weight in your car will cost you.

4.Build in a strut tower base.
They make an immediate difference in handling. They are usually pretty cheap and quick and easy to install. If there’s no kit available, you can always make one out of some steel.

5.Replace the factory exhaust.
Depending on your vehicle, you could get a catback kit for as low as $200, and while it’s not likely that you’ll gain much power, you will gain a little bit of response and a whole new feel to the car. An exhaust you can hear makes the car feel faster because you can hear the engine working, and that’ll make you happy.
Try these tips and enjoy a whole new driving experience.


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