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To be an achiever you need to leave your comfort zone and take up the challenges: Mrs India World 2016 – Mohini Sharma Mane

To be an achiever you need to leave your comfort zone and take up the challenges: Mrs India World 2016 – Mohini Sharma Mane

Mohini Sharma won the title of Mrs India 2016 held on May 22, 2016 at the Hilton Hotel in Chennai, India. Mohini’s win proved that hardwork, passion and determination are the key to success.  The multitasker entreprenuer runs two schools in Mumbai – The Don Bosco High School and Holy Cross High School besides assisting her husband in his respective business. In a Special sharing with http://www.beattractive.in, she talks about her favourite designer, her preparation for Mrs World 2016 contest etc.

1. Congratulation on winning Mrs India World 2016! What was your feeling when you were announced as Mrs India?
It was a very mixed feeling. Little stunned, happy and very emotional. My feelings cannot be described in words but yes it was out of the world feeling. I was very humbled to be announced as a winner and there were realization of future responsibilities also.

2. What influenced you to take part in Mrs India contest?
Women influenced me. All the women I came across in my life, I have learned something from everyone and I realized the fact that every woman is great in her own way. I always dream of having at least one quality of every woman and in this process I developed a notion of representing all these women where people look upon me as a representative of all married women.

3. Soon you’ll leave for Mrs World 2016 contest. Can you tell us about your preparations for the contest?
Unlike all beauty pageants, Mrs India and Mrs world not only judge on the basis of your beauty and persona but many other qualities like involvement in society, social work, career and media presence. I can call it a overall package and these are all the fields I am working on.

4. Have you decided on your wardrobes like evening gown, national costumes? Whose creation will you be wearing? Or any wish list designers?
I am still on a shortlisting mode, and yes I have a long wish list. My aim is to display the creativity and the talent of India. I am sure there are couple of designer who would do complete justice.
I would love to wear Manish Malhotra, Sabyasachi, Rohit bal and Tarun Thiliani. These are personally my favorites.

5. Was there any setback for you to participate in Mrs India World contest?
Setbacks are the part of life. To be an achiever you need to leave your comfort zone and take up the challenges. Like everyone even I was nervous and petrified and in-spite of all the setbacks there were people by my side, supporting me day and night. What matters is who supported you during these challenging situations and not the challenges.

6. What advice would give to other married women who want to take part in Mrs India contest but couldn’t due to certain problems?
Being a married woman, balancing personal and public life, being a super wife taking care of husband and in laws and super mother  for their kids itself makes her Mrs India. Every wife and mother is a queen and she doesn’t need a crown to be one. More than being a titleholder I would recommend these woman to take interest in their hobbies and passion because that is something which will last long and make their lives interesting on a long run.

7. If you can change the condition of women in our society, what would you do?
Today the condition of women in our society, I feel is good and fortunately every woman in our society is strong enough to make the changes herself that they feel is necessary. I give credit to every women for all the positive changes that has taken place till today and if I get a chance, I would like motivate them, create a positivity within them and make themselves believe that woman is capable of everything in this world.

8. As a mother and wife besides being a public figure, how do you balance your private and public life?
I am a daughter of a corporator and a school trustee and always looked upon my mother as my role model. She has been one woman who managed her private and public life very well as a mother and wife. She is my inspiration and so being a public figure today following her footsteps and trying my best to balance private and public life.

9. What are the things that you want to show to the world as India representative at Mrs World contest?
One Quality that India is known about and its India’s Diversity. I am sure that on the world stage I wont be a maharashtrian or north Indian but an Indian. I would like to display India’s diversity, creativity, culture and last but most important India’s internal beauty.

Thank you, Mohini, for giving us your time for this interview. Wishing you all the very best for Mrs World 2016 contest!


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