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10 Things You Can Do with Your Pet

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A house party for pets around!

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 You could organize some events which are meant for pets where they could run, obey and/or just chill around with their favourite food. That would help you in gelling up with people around and also would prove to be a change for the pets!

Regular checkups with the vet!

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They can’t speak and hence even when things are wrong they would probably be able to do nothing about it. Hence, being an owner of a pet is huge responsibility. Take good care of them!

Vaccines are important!

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You won’t want your pet to die of pet polio (if that’s a thing). They need proper care!

A wedding!

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Well when you are out of ideas and you seem to have done everything that your pet needs to experience, you could just help your pet settle down and have their own little ones. (That would mean more of the likes of your pet *winks*)

Train them smartly! 

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It is great when your pet listens to you right? So train them well and treat them like your babies. They need it. Trust me. Once you have got the hang of it, they’ll be yours forever!

Love and adore them always!

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Animals or humans, everyone is here for love. Pets specially! All they need is love and care and they will do all it takes to be the best!

Feed them food meant for them!

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 Make sure you don’t end up giving your pets scraps from the food left in the kitchen. Also, don’t end up getting them obese! Make a diet plan for them and feed them ample food and assure you do it timely.

Exercise along!

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Exercise is important for a dog’s proper health. It might seem to be a task but then that is what you should have thought before getting that member in your family. They need to get a move on!

A makeover and a photo shoot 


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You know everyone loves to be the eye catcher? Your pet would too. You can just click pictures with that pretty pet of yours. Loads of them!

Celebrate pet day!

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You celebrate teacher’s day, parent’s day and so many other days. So here is pet day. Celebrate your pet on the 20th of February and make them feel special on that one day. You could get them new food, or as well get them some fancy clothes, and if nothing at all just party!


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