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How to Turn Into a Friend-Magnet?

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So, it’s been days since you haven’t changed your pajamas because you don’t really step out much because you DON’T HAVE ANY FRIENDS.

Well, if this is what your story sounds like, then it’s time to get up and make some changes to your miserable and lazy life. Making friends is an important part of our lives because all of us need friends not only because they provide us with good company but also because they help us transform ourselves into something much better. Some of us have perfected the art of making new friends wherever we go and some of us, on the contrary, are still struggling to learn.

So, we thought of giving you some tips on this whole topic of making friends:

  1. Focus on the good in people: Most people make the same mistake over and over again when they are trying to make friends but they fail miserably. What you definitely shouldn’t do is point someone’s mistakes out or criticize them over something. When you meet people, you should try really hard to focus on the good in them and talk more often about it. This will not only help you get along with them but will also make them feel delighted with your compliments.


  1. Smile: We don’t think that we even need to tell you this but really, you have go to smile. Nobody likes an irritated face all the time and people really have no time in the world for that. The trick is to smile as much as you can so that people around you smile too and feel happy whenever you are around.


  1. Help people and be kind: As much as you think that ignoring someone will actually make them feel attracted towards you, you are still wrong. Gone are the days when people actually use the trick of ignoring the people who they wanted to talk to and waiting for them to revert. Nowadays, all people want are good friends who will love them and care for them. People are always looking for kind people and everyone loves a person who is selflessly helpful.


  1. Construct plans: When you find yourself in the middle of a lot of people, say classmates, colleagues or anyone, who have come together for something, be the one to get up and make a plan for anything! The basic idea of this is to try and take the lead. This will not only get the people around you to talk to you but you will also be able to push off the confidence levels in you. And well, who doesn’t like confidence?


  1. Share: This point is the most important one. Remember! Always be willing to share with the people around you. No one wants to open up about their personal life to anyone, therefore, if you don’t start, there are chances that nobody ever will. Once you start sharing you happiness, sadness and other emotions with the people you meet, you will realize that people will start doing the same with you!



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