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Improve your Communication Skills

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  1. Learn to listen
    Learn to listen not only the words spoken but the message sent with them. Don’t think what to say when someone is speaking, first listen to it, understand and then reply.learn to listen
  2. Take care of other’s emotion
    Don’t speak ruthlessly anything that comes to your mind. Have some sympathy on their mistakes and also congratulate them on their achievements.images
  3. Use Humour
    Don’t make your chat or talk a boring conversation. A small joke or being little funny will make your talk more healthy, but do ensure your humour is appropriate to the situation.080725-office-fun-hmed-135p.rp420x400
  4. A positive attitude and smile
    All people want to stay around positive people. Be friendly with others. Maintain a positive cheerful attitude.smiling_89
  5. Your body language
    Your arms should not be closed, which shows your negative attitude. Shake hands when conversation is over.arms
  6. Tell a story
    Telling a story activates your brain , you have to search many words , some imagination which increases your thinking power . Slowly and slowly you can remove all your stops and breaks and become a phenomenal story teller.download


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