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Poetry Blogs that You Must Follow for Some Inspiration.

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“Words, in my not so humble opinion, are our most inexhaustible source of magic”.

If you are a person of words, you must be knowing that this beautiful and extremely true line is from one of the best book series ever. Words drive us. What we write, what we speak, what we see, almost everything is made up of letters and words. Without words, we would really be nothing and we wouldn’t understand anything either. Words are indeed an extremely beautiful part of our life but what we often forget is that words create more than meets the eye. They are not only just able to narrate us stories but also beautiful and charming poems. Poems have their own way to dazzle the reader and absolutely nothing compares to how poems can sometimes make us realize what we otherwise never would.

Since reading poems can literally be a life changing experience, here are the top poetry blogs to follow in order to find yourself and inspire the poet in you.

  1. Poet Hound: This blog was started in 2007 and even after 9 long years, it still exists and runs smoothly. On this blog, you can find whatever you are looking. Poet hound not only writes its own poetry but also features other poetry resources from different websites. It believes in creating inspirational poetry which will literally lift your soul up. To indulge in some inspirational reading, you can find Poet Hound here.


  1. Michael Hartford: The poetry you find here will all be written in Irish, however, it will definitely delight your heart and make you ponder life over and over again. You don’t really need to worry since every Irish poem is also translated to English on the website itself. Therefore, we would strongly suggest you to follow this one since it’s a bit different and eccentric. You can follow it here.


  1. Alcoholic Poet: Well, if you would simply not judge a book by its cover, you will be amazed to see what it has to offer you. Alcoholic poet might come off as an unacceptable name for a blog but this blog contains the most heart wrenching poems you could ever come across in your entire life. This blog is a bit on the sad side so not really for the extremely sensitive people out there. Follow it here.


  1. Poetry of Life: On this website, you will be able to find and read poems written for almost every mood and occasion. From life, love, friendship and sadness, they write about every emotion. You will not feel the need to switch to another website in order to find a poem that is better than what you will find here. You can find them here and once you do, you wouldn’t want to stop reading ever.


Poems and stories constitute a huge part of our lives and without them, we will all always be a little incomplete.


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