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Six Ways to Impress Your Date

  1. Do Your Homework
    Before going on a date just check out her social media pages like Facebook account , this will surely give you information about her likes and dislikes due to which you can do a clever conversation.luc-the-writer
  2. Your Looks
    Yes, your looks does matter. Every girl likes a man who is well groomed , shaven and neatly dressed.
  3. Be Updated on Social Culture
    Yes you should have some knowledge on the current events such as sports , politics , music , Bollywood , celebrities…these things can easily create a very good conversation between you both.
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  4. Your Cell Phone
    Just forget about it for sometime, no girl would like that you are busy talking or chatting on your date.Its rude , giving your full time and attention to your date shows that you genuinely care.
  5. Her Friends and Family
    Talk about her friends and family , this will create geniune effect that you serusly want to know much more and more about her.
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  6. Ask her Questions
    Don’t make your date boring , keeping on asking or sharing something and also listen to her . Girls don’t like boring boys so be little funny too.
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