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Health and Fitness for Busy People

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  1. Stay hydrated
    To b fit and healthy , the first step is to be hydrated. you will feel crummy, sleepy and sometimes a headache if you are dehydrated. so drink enough water.water
  2. Find time to walk
    From your busy schedule , you have to find out some time to walk. Man’s body was not made to sit on a chair for 8 hours , so you have to walk.download (1)
  3. “GYM” No need
    You do not have to join gym to b fit , you can do some simple exercise at home only to be fit. For example you can do a four minutes of kettle belly exercise, four minutes of abs workout and 2 minutes of squats and lungs.images (1)
  4. Food
    Leaving all the fast foods as burger , pizza and street foods , you should have right nutritious food that deliver the maximum health benefits.
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  5. Relax
    When you are very much busy in your 9-5 schedule and meetings you should give sometime to your body by just doing nothing. Relaxation for just few minutes will bring your stress level low and you will feel fresh.
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  6. Medical checkups on time
    Never ever compromise your regular checkups as early detection is a key in the prevention of many diseases.
  7. Sleep
    At least you should sleep for 7-8 hours. sleep will not only help you to reduce your stress but will also increase your overall health.

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