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You are What and How you eat….

   It is correctly stated that Health is the actual Wealth that a person can retain. Health and fitness are the important factors for...

Five foods that fuel the brain

While researchers continue their efforts in finding a cure for Alzheimer's disease, scientists say that foods can play a role in brain health and...

15 Foods to Help You Sleep

If you rely on sleeping pills for a good night's sleep, take note: a recent study found that those who took sleeping aids like...

Amazing Five-Minute Exercises for a Healthy Spine

Long working hours, tiring days, less sleep, and there is so much more that makes us unhealthy on the inside and outside too. Back...

How to know what food is healthy & what’s not?

At least since a decade now, there has been a visible surge in the number of people wanting to be fit, be more active,...

Fashion Tips for Healthier Women

Avoid horizontal stripes. Stripes enhance your body. So if u want stripes go for vertical. Source: buzzfeed   No large patterns. Go for small prints.   ...

Health and Fitness for Busy People

  Stay hydrated To b fit and healthy , the first step is to be hydrated. you will feel crummy, sleepy and sometimes a headache...
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