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Fashion Tips for Healthier Women

  • Avoid horizontal stripes. Stripes enhance your body. So if u want stripes go for vertical.


Source: buzzfeed


  • No large patterns. Go for small prints.


  • Dark colours tend to avoid and light colours enhance. So accordingly wear your clothes. If your bottoms are large wear dark coloured pants and light coloured top.


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  • You can wear something baggy like a blouse which looks stylish and even takes eyes off from your figure. But remember not too baggy that it makes you look healthier.


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  • Accessorize properly. You can wear bold and large pieces and it will compliment you.


  • Carry a huge bag so that you won’t look healthier.


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  • Big hair balances your size, so avoid short boyish haircuts.


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  • If you have a pear shape:

Wear clothes that flatter your bottoms.

Be careful with leggings. Women with larger hips or bottoms should avoid them.

Avoid shapeless garments.


Source: thesun.co.uk


  • If you have an apple shape:

Dresses that flatter your top half are recommended.

Wear full length cardigans or jackets and avoid cropped ones.

Avoid ill fitted clothes. Wear something that is fitted around your waist and shoulders.

Button down shirts must be properly fitted around your stomach and bust.

Flowing or loose tops are fine if you are wearing a tight fitted jeans or pants.


Source: leighcarron.wordpress


  • Most important thing is wear everything with confidence.


The size of the person does not really matters. What matters is your personality, your appearance. Hence, wear your clothes with a smile and your size won’t even bother you.


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