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Best Friend’s Day : I’ll be there for you!



Aah! The word best friend brings a smile to our face. The one person who knows you better than you, who is there to support you, make your life easier and laugh at you at the same time.

We keep looking for a person who can understand and be there for us when needed to spend the rest of our life’s with, but the thing we forget is, that person is right besides us this whole time. It is our BFF, our best friend, our partner in crime.

Best Friends Day is a thing, though it is not official but people around the world celebrate it by spending some quality time with their special friend or by showing them for once, how much they mean.

This year best friend day was celebrated on 8th of June, Wednesday. Let us all celebrate and show our beloved, stupid friends that they are special to us.

We might not even have to tell them that they mean a lot, because they already know it, but when was the last time we even thanked them for all that they have done for us. Take this opportunity to thank them, to tell them “I’ll be there for you, coz your there for me too”.

Go out with them and enjoy for a day. Tick off those best friends goals you couldn’t do for a long time. Make the best out of the day and cherish the moments. These are the people who don’t want anything in return. Mark that day as your day, two best friends day which no money in this world can ever buy.


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